1 feeling that you want sth
dearest, deepest, desperate, fervent, fondest (esp. AmE), greatest, strong
conscious, unconscious
express, expressed
dying, final, last

He was denied his dying wish to be reconciled with his son.


Freud's theory of the death wish


the child's detention against parental wishes


I have no wish to cause any trouble among them.

express, make known

She has expressed a wish to seek asylum here.


She fulfilled her deepest wish when she flew solo for the first time.


She's always wanted to be an actress, and I'm sure she'll get her wish.

grant (sb)
honour/honor, respect, take into account

It is vital for schools to respect the wishes of parents.

carry out, comply with, meet

We need to update our equipment if we are to meet customers' wishes.


She flew into a rage if the staff didn't obey her wishes.

deny sb
disregard, go against, ignore, override (esp. BrE), ride roughshod over (BrE)

She eventually went against her family's wishes and published her autobiography.

The Government blatantly ignored the wishes of the public.

The committee rode roughshod over the wishes of union members.


The change to the constitution reflects the wishes of the people who voted in the referendum.


Draw up a wish list, defining the requirements for your ideal home.

against sb's wishes

Against his mother's wishes, he decided to quit school and look for a job.

The meeting took place against the wishes of the State Department.

Her father will not speak to her, because she married against his wishes.

in sb's wish

In his wish to be as helpful as possible, he was forever asking her what she wanted.

in accordance with sb's wishs

In accordance with his wishes, his ashes were scattered at sea.

wish for

a wish for peace

2 saying secretly to yourself what you want to happen
have, make

When you see a black cat, you have to make a wish.


If you're the one who finds the hidden box, you get a wish.


The good fairy granted her three wishes.

come true

On Christmas Day their wishes came true.

3 (usually wishes) hope that sb will be happy
best, good

Give my best wishes to Alison.

well (AmE)

Thanks to all those who sent well wishes.

heartfelt, sincere
give sb, send (sb)
with … wishes (at the end of a letter)

With best wishes for a happy birthday.

wish for

Every good wish for your future happiness together.

dearly, desperately, devoutly (esp. AmE), fervently, heartily, really, sincerely

I heartily wished that I had stayed at home.

I really wish I could go to America.


If you wish really hard, maybe you'll get what you want.

just, merely, only, simply

‘Where is he now?’ ‘I only wish I knew.’


When I see the kids playing football, I almost wish I was their age again.


It's no use wishing for the impossible.

Wish is used with these nouns as the object: ↑farewell, ↑happiness, ↑harm, ↑luck, ↑recovery

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