1 feeling of surprise/admiration
childlike, wide-eyed

There aren't any words to express properly all the wonder that I feel.

be filled with, be full of

The children's faces were full of wonder as they gazed up at the Christmas tree.

in wonder

Neville shook his head in wonder at it all

She gazed down in wonder at the city spread below her.

with wonder

She held her breath with wonder and delight.

wonder at
a feeling of wonder, a sense of wonder
2 amazing thing/person

Iceland is full hot springs and other natural wonders.

architectural, technological, etc.

It was a constant wonder to me that my father didn't die of exhaustion.

nine days' (esp. BrE), seven-day

She was determined to prove she was no seven-day wonder whose promise would remain unfulfilled.

boy (humorous)

the new boy wonder of French football

one-hit (humorous)

The band was a one-hit wonder in the '80s—no one has heard of them since.

chinless (esp. BrE), gutless (esp. AmE) (both humorous)

The public thinks we're a bunch of gutless wonders.

discover, experience, explore

Now it is your turn to discover the wonder of Bermuda.

do wonders (for sb/sth), work wonders (for sb/sth)

The change of diet has done wonders for my skin.

A good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast worked wonders.

is it any wonder (that) … ?
(it's) little wonder, (it's) no wonder, (it's) small wonder

No wonder you're still single—you never go out!

a wonder to behold

The restored painting is a wonder to behold.

the wonders of nature, the wonders of science, the wonders of technology

Thanks to the wonders of modern science, many common diseases will soon be things of the past.

the wonders of the world

The palace has been described as the eighth wonder of the world.

idly, vaguely

I wondered vaguely whether Robert could be the murderer.

briefly, fleetingly

I wondered uneasily if anything had happened to the children.


‘Where's Natasha?’ she wondered aloud.


‘Why do you ask?’ ‘I just wondered.’


I always wondered why you never got married.

often, sometimes

I sometimes wonder who's crazier, him or me.


You're probably wondering what all the fuss is about.

begin to, start to

I was just beginning to wonder where you were.

cannot help but, can only, have to

I couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking.

You have to wonder just what he sees in her.

make sb

He's behaving so strangely. It makes you wonder whether he's in trouble somehow.


We'd wondered about you as a possible team member.

can't help wondering

I can't help wondering if he lost on purpose.

keep wondering
Wonder is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑sceptic

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