1 unit of language
two-letter, three-letter, etc.
monosyllabic, polysyllabic
two-syllable, three-syllable, etc.
big, difficult, fancy, hard, long

He uses big words to impress people.

‘Mendacity’ is just a fancy word for ‘lying’.


a more polite word for the same thing


The book uses simple words and pictures to explain complex processes.

compound, portmanteau (esp. BrE)

The portmanteau word ‘synergy’ combines ‘synthesis’ and ‘energy’.

borrowed, loan

When a new fruit is first imported, its name is usually also imported as a loan word.

Greek, Hebrew, Latin, etc.

‘Technology’ comes from the Greek word ‘techne’.

content, function

The children are asked to think of rhyming words.

exact, precise, very

His exact words were, ‘There's nothing we can do about it.’

Those were her very words.

clear, plain

She used loaded words like ‘bully’ when describing his actions.

abstract, concrete

I find even everyday words difficult to spell.

archaic, obsolete

He wrote down a few key words to help him remember what to say.


He seemed nice. But ‘seemed’ was the operative word.

right, wrong

You can't always find the right word when you're translating.


I found several misspelled words and grammatical errors.

bad, curse (AmE), cuss (AmE, informal), dirty, four-letter, naughty, obscene, rude, taboo

The play is full of four-letter words.

Work is a dirty word to Frank. (figurative)

(see also swear word)

It's a slang word meaning ‘boy’ or ‘person’.


His name has become a household word since he first appeared in the series.


The police use code words for their major operations.

buzz (usually buzzword), vogue

E-marketing is the current buzzword.

printed, spoken, written

She combines visual images and the spoken word to great effect in her presentations.


Spanish has no word for ‘understatement’.


He uses lots of long words.


I daren't even mention the word ‘money’ to him.

form, make

Rearrange the letters to form a word.


How is this word pronounced?


a word that is often misused

know, speak, understand

I don't speak a word of Swedish.

look up

She looked the word up in the dictionary.


I couldn't find the right word to express the concept.

choose, pick

He chose his words carefully when commenting on her work.

coin, invent

The word ‘e-commerce’ was coined to refer to business done over the Internet.

mean sth, signify sth
refer to sth, relate to sth
convey sth, describe sth, express sth

words describing body parts

Words can't express how happy I am.

conjure sth up, evoke sth

The word ‘cruise’ conjures up images of a luxury.

imply sth
denote sth

Bold words denote chapter headings.

carry sth, have sth

The same word can carry numerous meanings.

The word has two meanings.

be derived from sth, come from sth, derive from sth

‘Window’ derives from a Norse word meaning ‘eye of the wind’.

begin with sth, end in sth, end with sth

a word beginning with ‘c’

rhyme (with sth), sound like sth

The words at the end of the lines all rhyme.

I'm not sure what he said but the word sounded like ‘bull’.

fail sb

Words fail me (= I cannot express how I feel).

game, puzzle
identification, recognition

These students have very poor word-recognition skills.

in sb's words

The students had to retell the story in their own words.

word for

What's the French word for ‘snail’?

word in

one of the most common words in the English language

in all senses of the word

She was a true friend in all senses of the word.

in other words

They're letting me go—in other words, I've been sacked.

in so many words

They told me in so many words (= directly) that I was no longer needed.

in the true sense of the word

People who overeat are not addicts in the true sense of the word.

in words of one syllable (= using very simple language)

Could you say that again in words of one syllable?

2 a word that you say or write
angry, cross (esp. BrE), hard, harsh

He never says a harsh word about his experiences.

hurtful, unkind
friendly, good, kind, nice

He hasn't a good word to say for anybody.

final, last (no plural)

The Chairman always has the last word (= the final decision) on financial decisions.

put in, say, speak, utter

If you run into the boss, put in a good word for me!

Nobody's uttered a word to me about it.

Every word he utters is is considered sacred.

give, say

Just say the word and I'll go.

scream, shout, yell

He kept shouting the word ‘No!’


He whispered the word to me.


I knew he'd been drinking because he was slurring his words.


He enunciated the word with extreme care.

not breathe

Don't breathe a word to anyone about what I've told you!

type, write
scrawl, scribble
hear, read
mishear, misread

I misheard the word ‘sick’ as ‘thick’.

cross out, delete, erase, rub out (BrE)
insert, substitute

She deleted ‘girl’ and substituted the word ‘woman’.

emphasize, stress

By emphasizing particular words you can change the meaning.

hang on

The journalists hung on his every word as he spoke of his ordeal.


Don't waffle in your essay just to get the right word count.

in a word

‘Would you like to help us?’ ‘In a word (= briefly), no.’

without a word

She left without a word.

word about

We never heard anyone say an unkind word about her.

word from

And now a word from our sponsors … 

word of

a word of advice/warning

get a word in, get a word in edgeways (BrE), get a word in edgewise (AmE)

I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't get a word in.

a man of few words, a woman of few words (= a person who speaks very little)
sb never spoke a truer word, never was a truer word spoken

You said we were about to make a big mistake, and never was a truer word spoken!

(= you were right)
not a single word, not a word

Remember—not a word to (= don't tell) Peter about any of this.

We didn't say a single word to each other all day.

not believe a word

I don't believe a word of what she said.

word for word (= exactly)

He repeated word for word what the boy had said to him.

(by) word of mouth

The restaurant does not advertise, but relies on word of mouth.

words per minute, words per second

He chatters away at about 200 words per minute.

He types 80 words per minute.

a word to the wise (= a piece of advice)

A word to the wise: just because it's a bargain doesn't mean you have to buy it.

3 words what sb says; talk

I want to say a few words (= talk) about Christina.

good, friendly, kind

Thank you for those kind words.

angry, bitter, blunt, choice (ironic), cross, hard, harsh, strong

She was charmed by his friendly smile and polite words.

flattering, honeyed
comforting, encouraging, soothing

He tried to calm her with soothing words.

empty, fine (ironic), meaningless

Despite all their fine words, the council have never done anything to improve road safety.


The government's promises on nurses' pay turned out to be weasel words (= deliberately unclear).

bold, brave

Despite his brave words, I don't believe he can save the factory from closure.


He ruined her self-confidence with a few well-chosen words.

soft, whispered

They exchanged whispered words of love.


The look in her eyes filled in the unspoken words in her sentence.

dying, last

Her last words were for her children.


Her parting words were ‘I'll be back’.

famous, immortal

the immortal words of Neil Armstrong as he stepped onto the moon

fateful, prophetic

Seconds after uttering the fateful words ‘this is easy!’ he crashed.


She had some harsh words to say about her colleagues.

say, speak

Before we begin, I'd like to say a few words about who I am.

chant, intone, recite, sing

The audience mouthed the words to all the songs.


He whispered a few words of prayer.

blurt, blurt out

She had blurted the words out before she realized it.

mumble, murmur, mutter
spit, spit out

She was so furious, she almost spat the words out: ‘You idiot!’

bandy, exchange, have

I usually exchange a few words with him when I see him.

Words were exchanged (= there was an argument).


She had memorized all the words to the song.

recall, remember

We recall the words of Martin Luther King, ‘Free at last’.


She has given us a warning, and we should heed her words.

distort, twist

She felt angry at how the journalist had twisted her words.

borrow, echo

In her speech she echoed the President's words.


She instantly regretted her words.

eat, take back

When he told her she would fail, she swore she would make him eat his words.

drown, drown out

Her words were drowned out by the roar of the engine.

not mince

He doesn't mince his words when he talks about his ex-boss.

conjure sth up, evoke sth

Her words conjured up a strange picture in her mind.

come, come out, emerge, leave sb's lips, leave sb's mouth
burst from sb, escape, fall, flow, pour out, slip out, spill out, tumble out

He was nervous, and his words came out in a rush.

His words fell into the silence like stones.

stick in your throat

He wanted to tell her how he felt about her, but the words stuck in his throat.

drift, float, hang in the air

I let my words hang in the air. Maggie was no fool: she must realize I meant it.

haunt sb, linger

Those mocking words haunted me for years.

The words lingered in his mind long after they were spoken.

echo, resonate, resound, reverberate, ring

Her teacher's words echoed in her ears.

fade, fade away, tail away, tail off, trail away, trail off

His words faded to silence as he saw she didn't believe him.

hit home, strike a chord, strike home, touch a chord
hurt, sting
sink in

She could feel her temper boiling as his words sank in.

words of

She whispered words of comfort in his ear.

I listened to his words of wisdom.

(you) mark my words (= believe me)

Mark my words, this film will win an Oscar.

4 a word conversation

The manager had a quiet word with Alison, and she gave him no more problems.


I've had a few words with John, and he's quite happy for you to stay.

I've had a word with John, and he's quite happy for you to stay.

word with

Can I have a quick word with you?

a word in sb's ear (BrE)

Can I have a word in your ear about tomorrow's presentation?

5 promise

She gave him her solemn word that she would give up drugs.

give sb
be as good as, be true to, keep

He promised to help and was as good as his word.

True to her word, she returned next day.

break, go back on

Once he has made a promise, he never goes back on his word.

believe, trust

She gave me a promise, and I'm willing to trust her word.


I'm sorry I doubted your word.

have sb's word for sth (esp. BrE)

We only have her word for it that she sent the payment.

a man of his word, a woman of her word

You needn't worry about him not paying you back—he's a man of his word.

take sb at their word

He said I could stay at his house any time, so I took him at his word.

take sb's word for sth

I haven't seen his work, but I'll take his word for it that it's finished.

your word against sb's

If it's your word against the police officer's, the jury are going to believe him.

sb's word is their bond
word of honour/honor

He gave me his word of honour/honor that he wouldn't tell anyone.

6 information/news
bring, get, send

He sent word to his family that his captors were treating him well.

get, hear

We didn't get word of her arrest until the next day.

get out, leak, leak out

If word gets out about the affair, he will have to resign.


Word that he had died spread fast.

be, have it

The word is they've split up.

Word has it that she's leaving.

word about

Health workers spread the word about the benefits of immunization.

word of

We soon got word of his arrival.

the word on the street is (= people are saying)

The word on the street is there's going to be a takeover.

what's the word? (= what are people saying?)
carefully, cautiously

We need to word our question carefully.

ambiguously, vaguely
broadly, loosely

a poorly worded request that resulted in confusion


He issued a very strongly worded statement denying any involvement in the plot.


It's the same sentiment, though worded rather differently.

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