educated, qualified, skilled, trained, well-educated, well-trained

a highly skilled workforce

flexible, mobile, versatile
committed, dedicated, motivated

A quarter of the local workforce is unemployed.

ageing/aging, declining, diminishing

A declining workforce has to provide for an increasing number of retired people.

available, total

The shipyard has a total workforce of 9 000.

entire, whole

The new management decided to retrain the entire workforce.

large, small
2 000-strong, etc.
British, Japanese, US, etc.
female, male
diverse, multicultural

Companies are under pressure to hire a more diverse workforce.

industrial, manufacturing
employ, have

The company employs a workforce of nearly 5 000.

cut, downsize, halve, reduce, shrink, slash, slim, slim down, trim
double, expand, increase
educate, retrain, train
consult, consult with

The management always consults with the workforce before introducing major changes.

enter, leave, re-enter

The increase in the number of people entering the workforce has increased unemployment figures.

double, increase, rise
number sth, stand at sth

The workforce numbers 500.

among a/the workforce

There is a change in the distribution of skills among the workforce.

in a/the workforce

One person in the workforce is always responsible for the same job.

a member of the workforce

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