mangled, tangled (esp. BrE), twisted
blazing, burning, flaming, smoking, smoldering
aircraft, plane

the human wreckage of the battlefield

bit (esp. BrE), piece

Pieces of wreckage have been found up to three miles away.

scatter, spread

The crash left wreckage spread over a wide area.

be strewn with

The runway is still strewn with wreckage.


He surveyed the wreckage of his expensive equipment.

comb, comb through, search, sift through

Police are searching the wreckage for clues to the cause of the accident.


The wreckage has now been cleared from the road.

be buried beneath, be buried in, be trapped in

Several people are still trapped in the wreckage.

crawl from
cut sb free from (BrE), cut sb from (BrE), free sb from, pull sb from

It took workers several minutes to free him from the wreckage.

He had to be cut from the wreckage by firemen.

recover sth from, rescue sb/sth from, salvage sth from

Another body has been recovered from the wreckage.

Could nothing be rescued from the wreckage of her dreams? (figurative)

emerge from (figurative)

A new leader emerged from the wreckage of the election.

be strewn

Wreckage was strewn over a wide area.

amidst the wreckage, among the wreckage

Bodies lay among the tangled wreckage.

in the wreckage

Her body was discovered in the wreckage.

wreckage from

A search is going on for wreckage from the blazing aircraft.

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