1 piece of land next to a building
back (usually backyard), rear (esp. BrE)
church (usually churchyard), farm (usually farmyard), kitchen (BrE), school (esp. AmE)

kids playing in the school yard

livery (BrE), stable
exercise, prison

The prisoners were taken to the exercise yard.

enter, leave

He entered the yard through the back gate.

I left our school yard at recess and ran home.

enclose, surround

The yard was enclosed by a high wire fence.

2 (AmE) piece of land next to a house with grass ⇨ See also ↑garden
back (usually backyard), front, side
big, huge, large
small, tiny

I have a well fenced yard far away from roads.

mow, rake, water

My next-door neighbor was watering her yard.


I've landscaped my tiny front yard with tall grasses.


The outside yard was decorated with orange lights.


The front yard is fenced for privacy.


Most of the yard was covered with leaves.


We crossed the yard to my house.

enter, leave

the huge bay window overlooking the yard


I held a yard sale to get rid of my old stuff.


The first Bush-Cheney yard sign appeared on my street last week.

in yard

She was standing in the yard.

the corner of the yard, the edge of the yard, the middle of the yard, the side of the yard
3 area used for a special purpose
lumber (usually lumberyard) (AmE), timber (BrE)

wood from a lumber yard

freight, marshalling (BrE), rail, railroad (AmE), railway (BrE)
boat (usually boatyard), ship (usually shipyard), shipbuilding
breaker's (BrE), junk (usually junkyard) (esp. AmE), salvage (esp. AmE), scrap (usually scrapyard) (esp. BrE)

The steam tug was on her way to the breaker's yard at the end of her naval service.

salvage yards with cars that are being sold for parts

repair, storage
a builder's yard, the knacker's yard (both BrE)

a horse condemned to the knacker's yard

The company is heading for the knacker's yard. (figurative)

4 unit of measurement

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