1 period of 12 months; period from January till December
last, past

The chart shows our performance over the past year.

past, preceding, previous, recent

The event has not proved popular in past years.

They had met once the previous year.

given, single

The death rate in any given year.

I paint the house every single year.

coming, ensuing, following, future, next, subsequent

We have high hopes for the coming year.

She died the following year.

We aim to do even better in future years.

consecutive, straight, successive

She won the race for the third successive year.


We're going skiing early in the new year.

final (esp. BrE)

final-year university students

entire, full, whole
long, short

We worked for five long years on this project.

20-odd, 30-odd, etc.

I visited Morocco 20-odd years ago.

banner (AmE), golden, good, great, happy, profitable

the golden years of motoring

big, memorable, momentous
peak, record

a peak year for exports

bad, hard, lean, poor, tough
academic, school
freshman, junior, senior, sophomore (all in the US)
gap (BrE)

He was on a gap year before going to university.

financial (BrE), fiscal (esp. AmE), tax (esp. BrE)

He spent his sabbatical year doing research in Moscow.

rookie (AmE, sports)
light (often figurative)

The new range puts us light years ahead of the competition.


He spent last year trying to get a new job.


It took him ten years to qualify as a vet.


Next month, they celebrate fifty years of marriage.

put on, take off

His wife's death has put years on him (= made him look/feel much older).

Careful make-up and styling can take years off you(= make you look much younger).

begin, start
end, finish
elapse, go by, pass

A year elapsed before I heard from him again.

The last year went by in flash.

run from … to … 

The academic year runs from October to June.

see sth

That year saw the explosion of the Internet.

mark sth

This year marks the 10th anniversary of her death.

by the year … 

The reforms will be fully implemented by the year 2007.

during the year, over the year

during the next academic year

Over the past few years, we've made significant changes.

Over the past several years, we've made significant changes. (AmE)

for a/the year

profit for the current year to December 31

We lived there for ten years.

in a year

I hope to retire in a year/in a year's time.

in a/the year

in the next tax year

Britain was invaded in the year 1066.

In the past few years, she has become one of our top-selling authors.

in years

It's the first time we've met in years (= for many years)).

over a year, under a year

We've been friends for over twenty years.

per year

Over 10 000 people per year are injured in this type of accident.

throughout the year

The global economy means that all types of fruit and vegetables are available throughout the year.

years between … and … , years from … to … 

the boom years from 1993 to 2000

year of

The book represents three years of hard work.

That was in the year of the great flood.

after all these years, after all those years

They're still friends after all these years.

all year long

I've been waiting for this moment all year long.

all the year round (BrE), all year round

The city tour runs all the year round.

the beginning of the year, the end of the year, the middle of the year, the start of the year
be six, etc. years of age, be six, etc. years old

She's only ten years old.

early in the year, late in the year
a time of year

It's usually much colder at this time of year.

the turn of the year (esp. BrE)

The team has suffered a loss of form since the turn of the year.

2 years period of time

He soon realized that a lot had changed in the intervening years.

early, later

the early years of the 21st century

In his later years, he drifted away from politics.

college, high-school (both AmE)
inter-war, post-war, pre-war, war

The children spent the war years with relatives.

childhood, early, formative, teen, teenage, tender

She was born in Spain but spent her formative years in Italy.

children of tender years


His early years were spent in San Francisco.

during the … years

It happened during the Clinton years.

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