be, prove, seem
consider sth, think sth

These measures are not considered adequate by conservationists.

really, very
perfectly, quite, totally
more than

The system is more than adequate to deal with any problems.

barely, hardly, less than, not entirely, not wholly

The financial assistance given to students is less than adequate.

more or less

The amount of money we have been given is more or less adequate.

no longer

The old software is still perfectly adequate for most tasks.

Adequate is used with these nouns: ↑amount, ↑answer, ↑assessment, ↑compensation, ↑consideration, ↑defence, ↑definition, ↑degree, ↑diet, ↑evidence, ↑exercise, ↑explanation, ↑facility, ↑flow, ↑food, ↑fund, ↑funding, ↑housing, ↑incentive, ↑instruction, ↑insurance, ↑intake, ↑job, ↑justification, ↑level, ↑lighting, ↑margin, ↑nourishment, ↑number, ↑nutrition, ↑pension, ↑precaution, ↑preparation, ↑progress, ↑protection, ↑provision, ↑reason, ↑record, ↑remedy, ↑replacement, ↑representation, ↑reserve, ↑resource, ↑response, ↑rest, ↑return, ↑safeguard, ↑sanitation, ↑service, ↑sleep, ↑space, ↑standard, ↑stock, ↑substitute, ↑supervision, ↑supply, ↑support, ↑training, ↑understanding, ↑ventilation, ↑warning

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