1 house, church, school, etc.
big, high-rise, huge, large, massive, tall, towering
low, low-rise, single-storey/single-story, small
attractive (esp. BrE), beautiful, fine, grand, imposing, impressive, landmark, magnificent

The opera house is one of the city's landmark buildings.

condemned, crumbling, derelict, dilapidated, ramshackle, run-down, tumbledown (BrE)
abandoned, empty
ancient, historic, old

Both architects specialize in the restoration of historic buildings.

17th-century, etc.
listed (BrE)

They were refused planning permission for an extension because it was a Grade II listed building.

brick, concrete, stone, timber, wooden, etc.
green (= good for the environment)
commercial, industrial, residential

The prices of commercial and residential buildings increased by 13.4%.

civic, municipal, public
federal, government
administration, administrative
apartment (AmE), tenement

Housing is limited and most people live in high-rise apartment buildings.

church, factory, farm, headquarters, hospital, museum, office, parliament, prison, school
airport, terminal
campus (esp. AmE)
dorm, dormitory (both AmE)
downtown (AmE)
entire, whole
adjacent, nearby, surrounding
build, construct, erect, put up

Several new buildings are now being put up.

demolish, destroy, flatten, gut, knock down, pull down (BrE), raze, tear down

The building was gutted by fire.

renovate, restore

They're renovating the old farm buildings.


In 2008 the building was converted into a house.

house sth
sit, stand

a central square, where two buildings stand

2 process/business of building sth
brand (business), community, coalition, empire, nation, team
company, contractor, firm (esp. BrE), industry, sector, trade
programme/program, project, scheme (BrE)
activity, development, work

We're having some building work done.

code (AmE), controls, regulations
land (esp. BrE)
site (esp. BrE) (usually construction site in AmE)
method, technique
contractor, inspector, worker

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