1 caring for sb/sth
good, great

He loved his books and took great care of them.


With proper care, the plants may last for fifty years.

loving, tender

She will need lots of tender loving care.

voluntary (BrE)
constant, full-time
continuing, long-term
short-term, temporary
daily, day-to-day, routine

Last night she was critically ill in intensive care.

an intensive care unit

clinical, emergency, health, medical, nursing (esp. BrE), patient
hospital, inpatient, institutional, residential
domiciliary (BrE, formal), home, home-based
primary, secondary, tertiary
antenatal (BrE), maternity, prenatal (esp. AmE)
palliative (medical)
preventive (esp. AmE)
formal, informal (both esp. BrE)

The couple relied on informal care from relatives.


children in public care

pastoral, spiritual
child (usually childcare), day

Family members can provide child care with love and without charge.

client (esp. BrE), customer
hair, skin (usually haircare, skincare)

He left his job to take care of his sick wife.

I'll take care of hiring the car.

deliver, provide (sb with)

We have improved the way doctors deliver care.

need, require
take sb into (BrE)

The boys were taken into care when their parents died.


access to basic health-care services

centre/center, facility, home, unit (all esp. BrE)
manager, worker
giver, provider
plan, policy, programme/program

recent changes in health-care policy


sensitive to the health-care needs of underserved groups

package (= a package of food, etc. that is sent to sb) (AmE)
allowance (BrE)
order (BrE)
in care

He had been in foster care since he was five.

He was in care for five years. (BrE)

in sb's care

You won't come to any harm while you're in their care.

Many historic sites are in the care of the Trust.

under the care of

He's under the care of Dr Parks.

care of sb, in care of sb (AmE) (written on letters, etc. and usually abbreviated to c/o)
the quality of care, the standard of care
2 attention/thought given to sth
extreme, good, great

Great care should be taken to ensure that the equipment is clean.

extra, special
infinite, the utmost

He takes the utmost care of his appearance.

meticulous, painstaking, scrupulous (esp. BrE)

The little girl was writing her name with painstaking care.

due (formal), proper, reasonable

The householder has a duty to take reasonable care for the visitor's safety.

exercise, take
need, require

Transporting the specimens requires great care.

with care

A label on the box read: ‘Glass—handle with care’.

without care (BrE)

He was found guilty of driving without due care and attention.

deeply, genuinely, a lot, passionately, really, truly
hardly, not greatly (esp. BrE), not much, not particularly

He hardly cares what he does any more.

I don't know which she chose, nor do I greatly care.


No one actually cared what I thought.


The information is there for anyone who cares enough to find it.


He really cares about the environment.


You genuinely care for him, don't you?

be past caring

I'm past caring what he does(= I don't care any more).

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