carry out

carry out
phr verb
Carry out is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑staff, ↑volunteer
Carry out is used with these nouns as the object: ↑abortion, ↑act, ↑action, ↑alteration, ↑ambush, ↑analysis, ↑appraisal, ↑assassination, ↑assault, ↑assessment, ↑assignment, ↑atrocity, ↑attack, ↑autopsy, ↑ballot, ↑blitz, ↑census, ↑check, ↑chore, ↑command, ↑contract, ↑conversion, ↑crime, ↑duty, ↑engagement, ↑enquiry, ↑evaluation, ↑examination, ↑excavation, ↑execution, ↑exercise, ↑experiment, ↑exploration, ↑explosion, ↑fieldwork, ↑function, ↑hold-up, ↑improvement, ↑inspection, ↑instruction, ↑interview, ↑invasion, ↑investigation, ↑job, ↑killing, ↑maintenance, ↑manoeuvre, ↑massacre, ↑measurement, ↑mission, ↑modification, ↑murder, ↑obligation, ↑operation, ↑order, ↑patrol, ↑plan, ↑policy, ↑poll, ↑post-mortem, ↑procedure, ↑programme, ↑project, ↑raid, ↑recommendation, ↑reconnaissance, ↑reform, ↑renovation, ↑reorganization, ↑repair, ↑research, ↑responsibility, ↑restoration, ↑review, ↑revolution, ↑scan, ↑scheme, ↑search, ↑sentence, ↑simulation, ↑strike, ↑study, ↑surveillance, ↑survey, ↑task, ↑test, ↑threat, ↑transaction, ↑transformation, ↑transplant, ↑trial, ↑valuation, ↑wish, ↑work

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