broad, general, large
individual, one, single, special, specific

We have created a special category for part-time workers.

different, discrete, distinct, separate
high, low

Most of his ratings were in the highest category.


Intravenous drug users are in a high-risk category for hepatitis C.

age, ethnic (esp. AmE), gender, income, job, occupational, racial (esp. AmE), social
price, size, weight
be included in, belong to, come into, fall into, fit, fit into

The cities investigated fell into two broad categories.

constitute, form

The Individualists constitute the largest category of great artists.

Flutes form a separate category of wind instruments.

create, define, develop, establish, invent
distinguish, identify, recognize
comprise sth, consist of sth, contain sth, cover sth, encompass sth, include sth
be based on sth

categories based on ethnic origin

in a/the category, within a/the category

He competed in the youngest age category.

category of

a higher category of prison

category for

There's a separate category for children.

be in a category (all) of its/your own, be in its/your own category (= to be unique)
be in the same category (as sth)

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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