1 piece of furniture ⇨ See also ↑armchair
comfortable, comfy (informal), cushioned, padded, plush, soft, upholstered
hard, uncomfortable
deep, low
high-backed, straight-backed, wing-backed, winged
reclining, rocking, swivel

He lay back in the reclining chair and went to sleep.

She sat down in the swivel chair behind her desk.


a dining table and four matching chairs


He gestured to an empty chair.

leather, metal, plastic, steel, wicker, wooden, etc.
dining, kitchen, lounge (esp. AmE)
computer, desk, office
beach (esp. AmE), garden (esp. BrE), lawn (esp. AmE)

a set of antique dining chairs

draw up, pull up

‘Can I join you?’ ‘Yes, pull up a chair.’

pull out

He pulled out a chair for her.

grab, have, take

Come in and take a chair.

give sb

He gave her his chair.

push back

He pushed back his chair and got to his feet.

collapse into/onto, flop (back/down) in/into/on/onto, lower yourself into, settle (back) in/into/on, sink (back/down) into, sit (down) in/on, slump (back/down) in/into

She dropped her bags and flopped down into the nearest chair.

lean back in, lie back in, lounge (back) in, recline (back) in, relax (back) in

He put his feet up on the desk and lay back in his chair.

be sprawled in, sprawl in
lean forward in
straighten (up) in

They straightened in their chairs when the manager burst in.

get out of, get up from/off, jump (up) from/out of, leap out of/from, rise from

He got up from his chair to address the meeting.

rock backwards and forwards in/on, shift about in (BrE), shift in, tip back

He was shifting about uneasily in his chair.

She tipped her chair back and fixed her gaze full upon him.

swivel, swivel (around) in, swivel on

She always swivels around in her chair.

be placed, stand

A chair stood facing the window.

tip back
fall over, topple over

The chair creaked every time I moved.

scrape sth, scrape against sth, scrape along sth

Lisa heard a chair scraping the floor.

arm, back, leg, seat
cover, frame
into a/the chair

He sank into his chair and opened the letter.

in a/the chair

She leaned back in her chair and lit a cigarette.

on a/the chair

A cat was asleep on the chair.

the arm of a chair, the back of a chair, the edge of a chair, the leg of a chair

She gripped the arm of her chair as she spoke.

He sat nervously on the edge of his chair.

2 person controlling a meeting
acting, deputy
occupy, take (both esp. BrE)

Anne took the chair (= was chairperson) in Carol's absence.

address (sth to)

Please address your questions to the chair.

appoint sb (as), elect sb (as)
in the chair (esp. BrE)

Paul Ryan was in the chair (= was chairperson) at today's meeting.

3 position in a university
hold, occupy

He held the Chair of Psychology at Yale.

appoint sb to
endow, establish

A private benefactor endowed the new Chair of Japanese Literature.

Chair is used with these nouns as the object: ↑commission, ↑committee, ↑enquiry, ↑meeting, ↑panel

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