1 sth new and difficult
big, considerable, enormous, great, huge, monumental, radical, real, serious, significant
daunting, difficult, formidable, stiff, tough

The army faced the daunting challenge of fighting a war on two fronts.

fundamental, key, main, major, primary, ultimate
fresh, new, unprecedented
constant, continuing, ongoing
exciting, interesting
special, unique
economic, engineering, environmental, intellectual, logistical, physical, political, technical, technological

Getting the instrument built and tested was a major technical challenge.

be, constitute, remain, represent

The competitive market represents significant challenges for farmers.

create, offer, pose, present, provide, raise
address, confront, face, handle, meet, respond to, rise to, tackle, take on, take up

The gallery has risen to the challenge of exhibiting the works of young artists.

He has taken on some exciting new challenges with this job.

overcome, solve
enjoy, relish, welcome
confront sb, face sb

the challenges facing nurses in casualty

arise, exist, remain

She could always be counted on when a challenge arose.


The challenge lies in creating a demand for the product.

2 call for sb to fight, prove sth, etc.
effective, serious, strong
constitutional, legal
leadership, title

his title challenge to the heavyweight champion

be, constitute, present, represent

The demonstration represents a direct challenge to the new law.

file (esp. AmE), issue, mount, raise

plans to mount a leadership challenge within the party

accept, take up

I accepted his challenge to a game of chess.


He was answering challenges to the government's policy.

beat off, fight off

Our team will have to fight off the challenge from better trained teams.

survive, withstand
challenge from

a challenge from the other political party

challenge to

a legal challenge to the President's power

1 question whether sth is right/true
directly, openly, publicly

The newspaper was directly challenging the government's legitimacy.

seriously, vigorously

She was effectively challenging the whole basis on which society was run.


The story was completely untrue and was successfully challenged in court.

constantly, continually, repeatedly

Harley sought to challenge the jurisdiction of the court.


She challenged him on his old-fashioned views.

2 invite sb to compete, argue, etc.

No one has seriously challenged the champion.

successfully, unsuccessfully

She was poised to challenge for the party leadership.


The count challenged him to a duel.

Challenge is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑case, ↑movement
Challenge is used with these nouns as the object: ↑assertion, ↑assumption, ↑authority, ↑belief, ↑claim, ↑competence, ↑conception, ↑convention, ↑credibility, ↑decision, ↑detention, ↑dogma, ↑dominance, ↑establishment, ↑finding, ↑hierarchy, ↑idea, ↑ideology, ↑interpretation, ↑legality, ↑limit, ↑logic, ↑monopoly, ↑myth, ↑norm, ↑notion, ↑orthodoxy, ↑perception, ↑practice, ↑preconception, ↑prejudice, ↑prerogative, ↑racism, ↑regime, ↑stereotype, ↑supremacy, ↑theory, ↑thesis, ↑tradition, ↑validity, ↑view, ↑will, ↑wisdom

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