1 possibility
excellent, good, high, real, strong

There is a very real chance that the film will win an award.

decent, fair, fighting, legitimate, realistic, reasonable, solid, sporting

There's a fair chance that nobody will come to the talk.

little, the merest, million-to-one, minimal, outside, remote, slender, slight, slim

There was only a million-to-one chance of it happening.

As long as there is an outside chance, we will go for it.

fifty-fifty, one-in-three, etc., 10%, 20%, etc.

They have a 90% chance of success.

zero (esp. AmE)

He had zero chance of survival.


What are his survival chances?

election, electoral (esp. BrE)
play-off (AmE)
give sb

The doctors gave him (= said that he had) little chance of surviving the night.

be in with, have, stand

After a poor start, they are now in with a chance of winning.

He doesn't stand a chance of winning against such an experienced player.

assess, rate

How do you rate our chances of finding her?

fancy (BrE)

I don't fancy our chances of getting there on time.

boost, enhance, improve, increase, maximize
compromise, decrease, hurt, jeopardize, lessen, minimize, prejudice, reduce, ruin, scupper (BrE, informal), spoil
destroy, eliminate, end, kill

It was a mistake which eliminated any chance of an Australian victory.


He didn't want to risk the chance of being discovered.

by any chance

Are you by any chance Mr Ludd?

chance of

The missing climber's chances of survival are slim.

chance for

the variety with the best chance for success

fat chance (informal)

Fat chance (= there is no chance) of him helping you!

have every chance

She has every chance of passing the exam if she works hard.

no chance!

‘Will he lend us his car?’ ‘No chance!’

not a snowball's chance in hell (informal)

There isn't a snowball's chance in hell (= there is no chance) that I'll wear that thing!

on the off chance (= just in case)

I rang the company just on the off chance that they might have a vacancy.

2 opportunity
equal, fair, good, great, ideal, wonderful

She played left-handed to give her opponent a fair chance.

This is the ideal chance for him to show his ability.


This is your big chance, so grab it with both hands.


He had wasted a golden chance to make history.

once-in-a-lifetime, rare, unique

He realized that this might be his only chance to save himself.

final, last, second

The teacher gave her one last chance to prove she could behave.

There are no second chances in this business.

educational, life

The new college is intended to improve the life chances of children in the inner city.

clear, clear-cut, save (AmE), scoring (all sports)

He blew four of his seven save chances.


There is always an element of chance in buying a used car.

get, have

I finally had the chance to meet my hero.


He deserves the chance to give his side of the story.

enjoy, relish, welcome

I would welcome the chance to give my opinion.

afford (sb), give sb, offer (sb), provide (sb with)
deny sb

No child should be denied the chance of growing up in a family.

await, wait for
create, make (sports)

The team created several clear chances but failed to score.

see, spot

She spotted her chance of making a quick profit.

grab, grasp, jump at, seize, take

Travis had left the door open—she seized her chance and was through it like a shot.

Take every chance that comes your way.

blow (informal), forfeit, lose, miss, pass up, squander, throw away, turn down, waste

They blew their chance to go second in the league.

I wouldn't pass up the chance of working for them.

arise, come, come your way

When the chance came to go to Paris, she jumped at it.

chance at

Katie was his last real chance at happiness.

He had been given a new chance at life.

given the chance

Given the chance, I'd retire tomorrow.

half a chance

The dog always runs off when it gets half a chance.

let a chance slip, let a chance slip away

If she let this chance slip, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

3 risk

The guidebook didn't mention the hotel, but we decided to take a chance.

chance on

The manager took a chance on the young goalkeeper.

chance with

The police were taking no chances with the protesters.

4 luck/fortune
mere, pure, sheer
happy, lucky

By a happy chance he bumped into an old friend on the plane.

leave sth to

Leaving nothing to chance, he delivered the letter himself.

by chance

The police came upon the hideout purely by chance.

due to chance

The results could simply be due to chance.

through chance

I got most answers right through sheer chance.

a game of chance

Chess is not a game of chance.

take your chances (= take a risk in the hope that things will turn out well)

He took his chances and jumped into the water.

Chance is used with these nouns as the object: ↑look, ↑luck, ↑peek
Chance is used with these nouns: ↑acquaintance, ↑conversation, ↑discovery, ↑encounter, ↑meeting, ↑mutation, ↑remark

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