absolute, complete, pure (esp. AmE), total, utter
general, mass
controlled, organized

He liked to work in organized chaos.

ensuing, resulting

In the ensuing chaos, many works of art were destroyed.

I lost my bag in the ensuing chaos.

administrative, domestic, economic, financial, political, social, traffic
bring, cause, create, lead to

A serious road accident caused traffic chaos yesterday.

end in, result in

The game ended in chaos.

be plunged into, be thrown into
descend into, slide into

The country is sliding into economic chaos.

avert, avoid
break out, ensue, erupt

Chaos broke out when the fire started.

reign, rule

The government collapsed and chaos reigned.

surround sth

the confusion and chaos surrounding the bombing raids

in chaos

The airport was in chaos during the strike.

on the brink of chaos, to the brink of chaos

We are on the brink of chaos, economically speaking.

The country was brought to the brink of chaos.

order out of chaos

His brave leadership has created order out of chaos.

a scene of chaos

Doctors worked day and night amid scenes of utter chaos.

a state of chaos

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