adj., adv.
1 low price
be, be going

a brand new radio going cheap

buy sth, get sth, sell sth

They're selling fabrics cheap this week.

not come

Shoes like that don't come cheap.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
amazingly, incredibly, remarkably, ridiculously

It's a good restaurant, and incredibly cheap.

comparatively, reasonably, relatively
not exactly (esp. BrE)

At £60 000 the car is not exactly cheap (= it is very expensive).

buy sth on the cheap, get sth on the cheap

The school managed to get a couple of computers on the cheap.

2 poor quality
be, look

The glasses are plain without looking cheap.

cheap and nasty (BrE)

The bag looks cheap and nasty.

Cheap is used with these nouns: ↑alternative, ↑beer, ↑booze, ↑champagne, ↑cigar, ↑clothes, ↑commodity, ↑copy, ↑cosmetic, ↑cut, ↑electricity, ↑end, ↑energy, ↑fare, ↑finance, ↑flight, ↑food, ↑furniture, ↑gag, ↑goods, ↑heroin, ↑hotel, ↑housing, ↑imitation, ↑import, ↑jewellery, ↑labour, ↑laugh, ↑mortgage, ↑motel, ↑offer, ↑option, ↑perfume, ↑price, ↑rate, ↑rent, ↑restaurant, ↑shot, ↑source, ↑substitute, ↑talk, ↑textile, ↑thrill, ↑transport, ↑transportation, ↑travel, ↑trick, ↑version, ↑whisky, ↑wine

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