1 act of choosing
careful, good, informed, right, wise

a careful choice of words

bad, wrong
difficult, hard, stark, tough

She faced the stark choice of backing the new plan or losing her job.

easy, simple

In the end, the choice was quite easy.

conscious, deliberate

When did you make a conscious choice to become an artist?


Doctors have to make moral choices every day of their lives.


These are personal choices that people must make for themselves.

career, food, lifestyle

Much ill health is the result of poor diet and lifestyle choices.

be faced with, face
dictate, guide, influence

Your needs should dictate your choice.

by choice, from choice, out of choice

I wouldn't have come to this bar by choice!

of choice (= that is/should be chosen by a particular group of people for a particular purpose)

It's the software of choice for business use.

of your choice (= that you choose yourself)

First prize will be a meal for two at a restaurant of your choice.

choice about

to make choices about their future

2 chance/ability to choose

Students have a free choice from a range of subjects.


You can have first choice of all the rooms.


a test with multiple choice questions

consumer, parental, public
individual, personal

I now had a clear choice: either I accept their terms or I leave.


Everyone in a democracy has the right to exercise choice.

give sb, offer sb, present sb with

We gave her the choice, and she decided she'd like a bike for her birthday.

choice about

He had no choice about that.

choice as to

to extend parental choice as to which schools children should attend

choice between

She has a choice between three different universities.

choice of

a choice of wines

freedom of choice
have little choice but to do sth, have no choice but to do sth

I had no choice but to cancel my trip.

have no choice in the matter

The way he behaved meant that we had no choice in the matter.

leave sb with little choice, leave sb with no choice

Your decision leaves me with no choice but to resign.

3 things from which you can/must choose
good, wide

a range of available choices

have, offer

We offer a choice of ten different destinations.

limit, narrow

Smoking may limit your choice of contraception.

be available (to sb), be open to sb

a limited range of choices available to buyers

choice of

The store has a very limited choice of ties.

be spoilt for choice (= to have a large number of things from which to choose) (BrE)
4 sb/sth that is chosen
excellent, good, happy, ideal, inspired, perfect, smart (esp. AmE)

It was a happy choice of venue

bad, poor, unfortunate

Baldwin was a poor choice for such a role.

logical, obvious

Bill is the obvious choice for captain of the team.

first, second

Our first choice for a site was already taken.


People were asked about their top choices for meeting locations.


The hotel is the preferred choice for business people.


She was starting to regret her choice.

defend, justify

Maria defended her choice of name for the child.


She questioned the choice of Murphy for this role.

choice as

Mary is a popular choice as chair of the committee.

choice for

I think she's a very good choice for captain.

choice of

I don't think much of her choice of outfit.

Choice is used with these nouns: ↑beef, ↑cut, ↑morsel, ↑word

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