1 event/situation

She saw the whole affair as a great joke.

glittering, grand

I knew that the wedding would be a grand affair.

intimate, low-key, simple
community, local
messy, sad, sordid, sorry (esp. BrE), squalid (esp. BrE)

the newspaper article that exposed this whole sordid affair

deal with, handle

Many people have criticized the way the government handled the affair.

be involved in
sb's involvement in the affair

He has tried to play down his involvement in the affair.

a state of affairs

How did this state of affairs come about?

wash your hands of the affair (= to refuse to be responsible for sth or involved in sth)
2 sexual relationship
brief, casual
clandestine, illicit, secret
adulterous, extramarital

He had an extramarital affair with his secretary.

passionate, steamy, torrid
love, romantic, sexual

a torrid love affair

gay, homosexual, lesbian
carry on, conduct, have

He's having an affair with a colleague.

cover up, deny
go on

How long has the affair been going on?

affair between

It's the story of a secret affair between a married teacher and her teenage student.

affair with

an affair with a married man

3 sth that concerns one person/small group
family, sb's own, personal, private

It's a family affair.

interfere in, meddle in
sb's affair

What I do at home is my affair.

no affair of sb's

That's no affair of yours.

4 affairs important matters

a current-affairs magazine

domestic, home, internal, national
civic, community, local
external, foreign, global, international, world

the minister for foreign affairs

business, financial, legal
commercial, consumer, cultural, economic, environmental, military, political, religious, social
administer, arrange, attend to, conduct, manage, run

I am trying to arrange my father's financial affairs.

get in order, put in order, set in order, settle, wind up

She went back home to put her affairs in order before she died.

affairs of state

The Cabinet will be discussing certain affairs of state.

a state of affairs

the current state of affairs in schools

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