12-hour, 24-hour
digital, electric
bedside, kitchen
alarm, carriage, cuckoo, grandfather, pendulum, travel (AmE), travelling (BrE), wall
countdown (AmE)

His countdown clock reads forty seconds.

biological, body, circadian (biology), internal

With jet lag, your biological clock is out of synch with the actual time.

reset, set, wind

I've set my alarm clock for six tomorrow.

move back (AmE), put back (BrE), set back (AmE), turn back (often figurative)

Let's turn back the clock to the last decade.

move ahead (AmE), put forward (BrE), set ahead (AmE), turn forward (often figurative)
calibrate, synchronize
stop (for example in a game)

Pressing the buzzer stops the clock.

check, glance at, look at

employees who are always watching the clock (= wanting their day's work to end)

beat (= do something in less time than is allowed)

The player beat the clock and set a new record.

beep, buzz, chime (sth), ring, strike sth, tick

The clock struck the hour.

I could hear a clock ticking somewhere in the house.

keep time

This clock doesn't keep time.

be fast, be slow

That clock's fast.

gain time, lose time
be right, be wrong
go back, go forward

The clocks go back tonight.

say sth, tell sth

The clock on the wall said twelve o'clock.

Her clock told her it was time to get up.

go off

My alarm clock didn't go off this morning.

against the clock

to work against the clock (= to work fast in order to finish before a particular time)

around the clock, round the clock (= all day and all night) (esp. BrE)

to work around the clock

by the clock

It's ten o'clock by the kitchen clock.

the dial of a clock, the face of a clock, the hands of a clock
Clock is used with these nouns as the object: ↑mile

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