Coal-fired is used with these nouns: ↑plant

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  • coal-fired — adj BrE using coal to make something work ▪ a coal fired electricity generating station …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • coal-fired — adjective fueled by burning coal a coal fired ship • Syn: ↑coal burning • Similar to: ↑fueled * * * coalˈ fired adjective Burning or fuelled by coal • • • Main Entry: ↑coal …   Useful english dictionary

  • coal-fired — /ˈkoʊl faɪəd/ (say kohl fuyuhd) adjective using coal as a fuel: a coal fired power plant …  

  • Coal-fired power station — Mohave Power Station, a 1,580 MW coal power plant near Laughlin, Nevada, out of service since 2005 due to environmental restrictions. SCE Mohave Generation Station (accessed 24/7/2008). A coal fired power station …   Wikipedia

  • coal-fired — UK [ˌkəʊl ˈfaɪə(r)d] / US [ˈkoʊlˌfaɪrd] adjective [usually before noun] operated by burning coal …   English dictionary

  • List of proposed coal fired power stations in Australia — Coal fired power stations produce greenhouse gas emissions which according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change cause global warming, with serious impacts including climate change and sea level rise. Burning coal will therefore be… …   Wikipedia

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  • Coal — Sedimentary Rock Anthracite coal Composition Primary carbon Secondary hydrogen, sulfur …   Wikipedia

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  • Coal mining in Kentucky — Coal was discovered in Kentucky in 1750. Since the first commercial coal mine opened in 1820 coal has gained both economic importance and controversy regarding its environmental consequences. As of 2010 there are 442 operating coal mines in the… …   Wikipedia

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