1 lack of heat; low temperature
biting, bitter, extreme, freezing

I don't feel the cold as badly as many people.

keep out

The house has extra insulation to keep out the cold.

be blue with, be numb with

My hands were blue with cold.

against the cold

We were well wrapped up against the cold.

out in the cold (often figurative)

He stood out in the cold and waited.

Millions of ordinary workers feel left out in the cold by the shift to digital technology.

2 common illness
bad, heavy (BrE), nasty

She won her match despite suffering from a heavy cold.

mild, slight

When will they find a cure for the common cold?

chest, head
have, nurse, suffer from

Jim stayed at home because he was nursing a cold.

catch, go down with (BrE)

I must have caught a cold on the bus.

If you stay out in the rain you'll catch cold!

1 not hot or warm
be, feel, look, seem
become, get, go, grow, turn

As evening fell it got very cold.

The room grew cold.

In January it turned very cold.

remain, stay
make sb/sth

The rain overnight had made the water cold.

keep sth

Use ice to keep the drinks cold.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
bitterly, freezing, terribly

It's bitterly cold outside.

There was a freezing cold wind.

2 not cooked/having become cold after cooking
get, go

Your dinner's getting cold.

The water has gone cold. (BrE)

The sight of him standing there made her blood go cold. (figurative)

eat sth, serve sth

Bake in the oven for twenty minutes. Serve hot or cold.


This soup is stone cold!

Cold is used with these nouns: ↑air, ↑ash, ↑basement, ↑bath, ↑beer, ↑blood, ↑breeze, ↑buffet, ↑calculation, ↑cash, ↑cement, ↑chicken, ↑chill, ↑climate, ↑coffee, ↑comfort, ↑contempt, ↑country, ↑current, ↑cut, ↑day, ↑dirt, ↑dish, ↑draught, ↑drink, ↑earth, ↑environment, ↑evening, ↑eye, ↑fact, ↑finger, ↑flannel, ↑floor, ↑food, ↑fury, ↑gaze, ↑gleam, ↑gloom, ↑ground, ↑gust, ↑ham, ↑heart, ↑indifference, ↑light, ↑logic, ↑look, ↑lunch, ↑manner, ↑marble, ↑mask, ↑meat, ↑metal, ↑milk, ↑mist, ↑month, ↑morning, ↑night, ↑ocean, ↑plunge, ↑rain, ↑reality, ↑reception, ↑remedy, ↑room, ↑salad, ↑sea, ↑sensation, ↑shiver, ↑shower, ↑snack, ↑sore, ↑soup, ↑spell, ↑starter, ↑storage, ↑store, ↑supper, ↑sweat, ↑tap, ↑tea, ↑temperature, ↑tone, ↑voice, ↑war, ↑washcloth, ↑water, ↑weather, ↑wind, ↑winter

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