1 group of objects
big, extensive, huge, large, major, massive, substantial, vast
complete, comprehensive
core, permanent

The permanent collection is displayed on the first floor.


The museum has a large reserve collection in storage,

amazing, excellent, extraordinary, fascinating, fine, good, great, important, impressive, interesting, magnificent, outstanding, remarkable, rich, stunning, superb, unique, useful
priceless, valuable
bizarre, disparate, diverse, eclectic, heterogeneous, jumbled, miscellaneous, motley, odd, random, strange, varied

Running through the tale is a motley collection of loners looking for love.


We have a small but representative collection of Brazilian art.

celebrated (esp. BrE), distinguished, famous, prestigious, renowned
family, personal, private

the largest private art collection in the world

international, local, national
historic, historical
reference, research

a research collection available for study by historians

archival, archive, library, museum

a historical archive collection of 20 000 documents

antiques, art, book, CD, coin, DVD, manuscript, music, photographic, picture, plant, record, specimen, stamp
boast, have, own

The museum boasts a superb collection of medieval weapons.

acquire, amass, assemble, build up, compile, create, gather, make

He built up his collection over a period of ten years.

She made a collection of Roman coins and medals.

add to, expand

The collection has been added to over the years.


She needed only one more stamp to complete her collection.

bequeath, donate

He donated his art collection to the Guggenheim Museum.

hold, house, keep

a new building to house the national collection

display, exhibit, show

A glass-fronted cabinet displayed a collection of china.

feature, showcase

The exhibition features a magnificent collection of bronze statues.

see, view, visit

I was allowed to view his family collection of miniatures.

consult, examine, study

Historians frequently ask to consult the collection.

catalogue, organize

She had the task of organizing the collection of rare manuscripts.

consist of sth, contain sth, include sth

The collection contains some 500 items.

cover sth, span sth

The collection covers all phases of Picasso's career.

The museum's collection spans 5 000 years of art history.

come from … 
date from … 

major collections dating from the 11th to the 19th century


The museum's collection is growing all the time.

be available, be on display, be on show, be on view

The collection is rarely on view to the public.

go on display, go on show, go on view

The collection is to go on public display for the first time next month.

collection of

a valuable collection of antique porcelain

2 taking sth away/bringing sth together
routine, systematic

the systematic collection of data

free (esp. BrE)

We offer free collection of waste.

data, intelligence
debt, rent, revenue, tax

the need for more efficient tax collection

garbage (esp. AmE), refuse, rubbish (BrE), trash (AmE), waste
await, be ready for (both BrE)

Your car is awaiting collection.

arrange, organize (both BrE)

They will arrange collection of the chairs.

point, site

a lack of collection points for waste paper


a refuse collection service

collection of

There are some difficulties with the collection of reliable data.

a method of collection

different methods of data collection

3 poems/stories/music
compile, edit, produce, publish

to publish a collection of scholarly essays


The band has just released a collection of their greatest hits.

collection of
4 money
house-to-house, street (both BrE)
charity, church
have, make, organize, take (esp. BrE), take up (esp. AmE)

We will have a collection for charity at the end of the concert.

A collection will be taken (up) at the end of the service.

box, plate

the church collection plate

collection for

a street collection for famine relief

5 new clothes
autumn (BrE), fall (AmE), spring, etc.
create, launch

She has recently launched her new ready-to-wear collection.

show, unveil

the first designer to unveil his collection for the spring season

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