What she said was fair comment. (BrE)

What she said was a fair comment. (BrE, AmE)

favourable/favorable, nice, positive
adverse, derogatory, disparaging, negative, unfavourable/unfavorable

Highly critical comments have been made about the conduct of some politicians.

a book with critical comment on the various strands of feminism

hostile, snarky (AmE, informal), snide, unfair
caustic, scathing
rude, sardonic, smart-ass (AmE, informal), stupid
ironic, sarcastic, wry
constructive, helpful, useful, valuable
incisive, insightful, interesting, perceptive, shrewd
uninformed (esp. BrE)
casual, offhand, off-the-cuff, passing, throwaway

He made a few casual comments to her about her hair and now she's chopped it all off!

This idea deserves more than passing comment.

editorial, official, personal, press, public

Editorial comment in the press tended to support the government in this matter.

political, social

Her novels were a vehicle for shrewd social comment.


The attack is a sad comment on the public's understanding of mental illness.

have, make, pass

If you have any comments, please send them to the above address.

She made a cryptic comment about how the movie mirrored her life.

I would prefer not to pass comment before I have more information on the case.

give, offer
add, leave, post (= on the Internet), send, submit, write

Feel free to post your comments if you have any.

attract, cause, draw, elicit, excite

The article attracted much adverse comment.

appreciate, invite, seek, welcome

The school has invited comments from parents about the new curriculum.

get, receive

We have received many helpful comments from fellow-sufferers.

decline (AmE)

KPJ officials declined comment.

disregard, ignore

She directed all her comments at Steve.

without comment

She accepted his diagnosis without comment.

comment about, comment on

a general comment on the weather

comment from

We welcome comments from readers.

be available for comment, be unavailable for comment

The spokesman was not available for comment last night.

no comment

When asked about the allegations, the chairman replied ‘no comment’.

a source of comment

His visits were the source of much comment.

questions and comments

Viewers are encouraged to phone in questions and comments.

adversely (esp. BrE), critically, unfavourably/unfavorably
bitterly, sarcastically
drily, wryly
quietly, softly
decline to, refuse to

The president refused to comment on the affair.


People were commenting about her abilities.


He refused to comment on the proposals.


She commented to me that she liked it.

Comment is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑report

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