1 act of complaining
common, familiar, frequent
minor, small

My only complaint is that the website is a little difficult to use.

biggest, chief, main, major, primary

One of the chief complaints is the cost.

formal, official
legitimate, valid
consumer, customer
citizen (AmE)
civil, criminal (AmE)
discrimination, harassment
ethics (AmE)

I have a complaint about the food.

bring, file, lodge, make, raise, register, voice

He brought a complaint against his former manager.

They filed a complaint with the Commission.

get, have, receive

We have had some serious complaints from parents.

address, deal with, handle, hear, investigate, respond to

The tribunal heard complaints against the director.

dismiss, reject

complaints arising from late payment

concern sth, relate to sth
allege sth
complaint procedure (AmE), complaints procedure (BrE), complaint system (AmE)
letter (esp. AmE) (usually letter of complaint in BrE and AmE)
complaint about

a complaint about working conditions

complaint against

a complaint against the police

complaint from

a complaint from a customer

complaint of

a complaint of unfair dismissal

complaint to

to make a complaint to the authorities

cause for complaint, grounds for complaint

The way I was treated gave me no cause for complaint.

a chorus of complaint
a letter of complaint
a matter of complaint (BrE, law)
2 illness

Not being able to sleep at night is a very common complaint.

back, chest, etc.
have, suffer from

He has a minor skin complaint.

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