considerable, enormous, extraordinary, extreme, great, immense
full, sheer

Only now did he understand the full complexity of the problem.

growing, increasing
biological, economic, linguistic, structural, technical

The critics failed to understand the structural complexities of the novel's language.

emotional, psychological
degree, level
convey, demonstrate, illustrate, reflect, reveal, show

It is difficult to convey the sheer complexity of the situation.

emphasize, highlight, underscore (AmE)

The video emphasizes the complexity of this debate.


The author has managed to capture the complexity of this man.


These programs create additional complexities to the pricing system.

appreciate, grasp, recognize, understand

a love story which explores the complexities of emotional infidelity

address, handle
increase, reduce
arise (from sth)
of … complexity

a pay system of unnecessary complexity

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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