acceptable, fair, good, happy (esp. BrE), possible, pragmatic, reasonable, sensible, suitable
painful, uneasy, unsatisfactory

After months of negotiations, they have reached an uneasy compromise.

inevitable, necessary
agree on, arrive at, come to, find, forge, make, reach, strike, work out

I'm not making any more compromises.

They're still trying to work out an acceptable compromise.

look for, seek

It is best to try to seek a compromise rather than a perfect solution.

broker, negotiate
offer, suggest

After much discussion, she offered a compromise.

agreement, deal, formula, position, proposal, resolution, solution
bill, legislation (both AmE)

He might be an attractive compromise candidate if both sides' first choices are rejected.

compromise between

It was a fair compromise between the two sides.

compromise on, compromise over

They came to a compromise over the exact amount to be paid.

compromise with

There could be no compromise with the nationalists.

1 in order to reach agreement
be prepared to, be ready to
refuse to

He wanted his own way and refused to compromise.


Unions and management seem ready to compromise on the level of the increase.


They debated whether to compromise with the opposition parties.

2 damage/put in danger
fatally, seriously, severely, significantly

The affair seriously compromised the party's prospects of success.

be prepared to, be ready to
refuse to

We are not prepared to compromise on safety standards.

Compromise is used with these nouns as the object: ↑chance, ↑confidentiality, ↑impartiality, ↑independence, ↑integrity, ↑principle, ↑quality, ↑safety, ↑security, ↑value

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