1 feeling of worry
considerable, deep, grave, great, serious
growing, mounting

He demonstrated genuine concern for others.

general, widespread
national, public

public concern about increased taxes


There is particular concern about the use of pesticides.


He felt some concern for her safety.

articulate, express, show, voice
arouse, cause, heighten

The lack of firefighting equipment has caused concern.

allay, alleviate, assuage, ease
appreciate, understand
cite, echo

He cited public concern over airport security.

in sb's concern

She forgot her own worries in her concern for him.

out of concern
concern about, concern over

She expressed her deep concern about conditions at the factory.

concern for

Out of concern for her health, we suggested she take a week off work.

be of (no) concern to sb

Increased use of drugs is of great concern to parents.

(a) cause for concern

The president's health is giving serious cause for concern.

a lack of concern

I was surprised by her lack of concern.

a matter of concern

Stress at work is a matter of concern to staff and management.

2 sth that worries/affects you
chief, main, major, overriding, paramount, primary

What are your main concerns as a writer?


a common concern for new parents

pressing, serious

I have other, more pressing concerns.

legitimate, valid
environmental, ethical, privacy, safety, security

This new technology brings with it security concerns.

outweigh, override

Practical necessity overrides any other concerns.

be none of sb's concern

How much we paid is none of your concern.

1 affect/involve
mainly, mostly

The letter is for both of us, but it mainly concerns you.


Everyone who was directly concerned in (= had some responsibility for) the incident has now resigned.

2 worry sb
a lot, greatly, really

It really concerns me that he doesn't eat properly.

Concern is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑complaint, ↑dispute, ↑document, ↑hypothesis, ↑proposition, ↑report, ↑story, ↑study, ↑tale

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