international, national, regional, world
one-day, etc.
annual, quarterly
inaugural, preliminary, preparatory
phone, telephone, video
high-level, summit
news, press
academic, industry, inter-governmental (BrE), management, ministerial, party, staff (esp. BrE)
parent-teacher (AmE)
constitutional, education, environment, peace, trade, etc.
attend, go to
hold, host
organize, plan, schedule
call, convene
meet, take place
begin, open
close, end
bring sb together

The conference brought together historians working in a variety of fields.

be entitled sth, be titled sth (AmE)

a conference entitled ‘Strategies for Epidemic Control’

feature sth, include sth

The conference featured a keynote address by one of our most eminent scientists.

address sth, be devoted to sth, examine sth, focus on sth, look at sth

a conference devoted to the topic of peace

a conference examining cross-border cooperation

hear sth

The conference heard an appeal from a representative from one of the more deprived areas.

agree sth, decide sth, vote sth

The conference agreed to adopt a set of compromise proposals.

adopt sth, approve sth, back sth, support sth

The conference adopted a resolution on minority rights.

recommend sth
condemn sth, reject sth
centre/center, facilities, venue
hall, room
platform (esp. BrE)

The party leader made a morale-boosting speech from the conference platform.

chair, chairman, presenter (esp. AmE), speaker
attendees (AmE), delegates, participants
committee, organizer
agenda, proceedings, programme/program
debate, discussion, talks
paper, presentation, report, speech

Conference calls allow participants across the nation to meet over the telephone.

at a/the conference

We met at an international conference.

in conference with

He was in conference with (= in a meeting with) his lawyers all day.

conference about

a conference about Internet piracy

conference between

a conference between the warring parties

conference for

a conference for catering managers

conference on

a conference on economic aid

conference with

Management had a joint conference with the union.

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