1 belief in others
absolute, complete, full, total

The company needs the full confidence of its investors.

great, high, real, strong (AmE)

Confidence is high among the team's supporters.

low (AmE)

Generally there is low public confidence in government institutions.

growing, increased, increasing
new, renewed

The general's confidence in his army proved misplaced.


public confidence in the government

business, consumer, customer, investor, market, voter
enjoy, feel, have

This government no longer enjoys the confidence of the public.

We all have complete confidence in this product.


He expressed confidence in the new plans.

be lacking in, lack

She wished that she shared his confidence.

maintain, retain

to maintain public confidence in the system of justice

bolster, boost, build, build up, enhance, improve, increase, raise, strengthen

Higher profits should raise business confidence.

breed, create, engender, generate, give (sb), inspire, instil/instill, promote

The training is designed to give staff confidence in managing problems.

The company's record does not really inspire confidence.

rebuild, renew, restore, revive

an effort to renew investor confidence in corporate America


This government has lost the confidence of the public.

damage, dent (esp. BrE), erode, sap, shake, undermine, weaken

Only one bank scandal is needed to shake the confidence in the financial markets.

destroy, shatter
decline, decrease, fall, wane
grow, increase, rise, soar

Confidence has returned to the market.

confidence about

The captain was not lacking in confidence about his team's prospects.

confidence among

a loss of confidence among investors

confidence between

efforts to build confidence between employers and unions

confidence in

They have no confidence in the legal system.

a crisis of confidence

There is a crisis of confidence in the university about its future role.

have every confidence, have the utmost confidence

The captain of the football team said he had every confidence in his men.

a lack of confidence, a loss of confidence
a confidence motion (also a no-confidence motion) (esp. BrE), a confidence vote (also a no-confidence vote), a vote of confidence, a vote of no confidence

The government lost a confidence vote.

This is a tremendous vote of confidence for the government.

2 belief in yourself
considerable, enormous, great
supreme, tremendous, utter
unshakable, unwavering
added, extra
new-found, renewed
growing, increased, increasing
calm, cool, quiet

She gave an outward appearance of quiet confidence.


She spoke in a tone of easy confidence.


All his false confidence had drained away.

inner, personal

She has very little confidence in her own abilities.

demonstrate, display, project (esp. AmE), show

‘I can explain,’ he said, with a confidence he did not feel.

be full of, brim with, exude, ooze, radiate

Since she got the new job, she's been brimming with confidence.

a man who exudes confidence

be lacking in, lack

A lot of children are lacking in confidence.

acquire, develop, gain, gather

She's gained a lot of confidence over the last year.

grow in

As the weeks went by he grew in confidence.


During his illness he really lost his confidence.

get back, rebuild, recover, regain, restore

He's really striking the ball well and has recovered his confidence.

bolster, boost, build, build up, develop, encourage, enhance, improve

Winning the competition really boosted her confidence.

give sb, instil/instill

They are gradually instilling confidence in their staff.

dent (esp. BrE), sap, shake, undermine, weaken

Failing his exams really dented his confidence.

destroy, shatter
drain, drain away, evaporate (esp. BrE), go

My confidence went completely after my first major defeat.

grow, increase, rise

Their confidence grew with each success.

boost, booster, builder (AmE)

The home team badly need a confidence booster.


Getting the certificate does a lot in terms of confidence building.

with confidence

She answered the question with confidence.

confidence about

I lacked confidence about how I looked.

confidence in

his confidence in himself

a lack of confidence
a loss of confidence
3 trust
absolute, complete, full, total
enjoy, have

The Cabinet must enjoy the confidence of Parliament.

Security institutions have to have the confidence of all communities.

keep, retain
earn, gain, get, win

an environment which builds mutual confidence

betray, break

She promised not to break his confidence.

I don't think I'm breaking any confidence by telling you that he plans to write another book.

place, put

Are we to place confidence in a man who cannot remember a phone call he made last week?

take sb into

She thought she might take Leo into her confidence.

game (AmE), trick (BrE)
man (AmE) (usually con man in BrE and AmE), trickster (BrE)
in confidence

I really can't talk about this—she told me in confidence.

a breach of confidence

Telling other people what I'd said was a total breach of confidence.

in strict confidence

Questions will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

4 secret
exchange, share

The girls exchanged whispered confidences.


Can you keep a confidence?


I could never forgive Mike for betraying a confidence.

encourage, invite

She didn't encourage confidences.

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