close, cramped, limited, narrow, rigid, small, strict, tight

issues that go beyond the limited confines of the book

within the strict confines of the law

comfortable, comfy (informal), cosy/cozy, friendly (AmE), safe

The dim, familiar confines of the room grew clearer as my eyes adjusted to the indoor darkness.

The next two games are in the friendly confines of Wrigley Field.

She returned to the cosy/cozy confines of her lodgings on the second floor.

cool, dark, quiet

She stepped into the cool, dark confines of a roadside inn.

in the quiet confines of a Bloomington hotel room

escape, leave

a chance to escape the stuffy confines of the town

It is a story that must not escape the confines of this room.

It took him some effort to leave the comfy confines of his room.

Most airmen aren't allowed to leave the confines of the base.

She longed to leave the confines of her household.


The gay community is transcending the narrow confines of the ghetto.


They left the half-lit streets and entered the confines of a cemetery.

beyond the confines of, outside the confines of

She wanted to experience things outside the close confines of family life.

in the confines of, within the confines of

He spent three years within the narrow confines of the prison.

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