1 fight/argument
great, major
bitter, brutal, serious, violent
escalating, increasing
constant, continued, continuing, ongoing
long-running, long-standing, prolonged, protracted

He is in constant conflict with the authorities.

open, overt
global, internal, international, interstate, regional
armed, military
domestic, family, generational, interpersonal (esp. AmE), marital (AmE)
civil, class, cultural, ethnic, industrial, political, religious, sectarian, social
future, impending, potential

Our ability to mobilize large numbers of trained men in time of emergency could forestall future conflict,

bring sb/sth into, cause, come into, create, lead to, provoke

His work brought him into conflict with more conventional scientists.

The decision led to a bitter conflict between the management and unions.

avert, avoid, prevent

They hid their feelings to avoid conflict.

handle, manage

There is more to a successful relationship than simply managing conflict.

end, resolve, settle, solve

The UN are hoping to resolve the conflict quickly.

arise (from sth), occur

The conflict arose from different ambitions within the team.

erupt, flare up
escalate, intensify
revolve around sth
begin, end
during a/the conflict, in a/the conflict

Thousands have been arrested in violent ethnic conflicts in the region.

in conflict

They found themselves in conflict over the future of the company.

in conflict with

in conflict with management

conflict about, conflict over

a conflict over ownership of the land

conflict between

conflicts between different ethnic groups

conflict with

to end the conflict with France

conflict within

serious conflicts within the ruling party

an area of conflict, a source of conflict
in direct conflict with sb
2 difference between ideas, wishes, etc.
fundamental, irreconcilable, serious, sharp

the inherent conflict between what farmers and environmentalists want

emotional, ideological
management, resolution

the key to successful conflict management

in conflict with

in direct conflict with his wishes

conflict between

the conflict between science and religion

conflict of

a serious conflict of opinion

a conflict of interest, a conflict of interests (esp. BrE)
a conflict of loyalties
apparently, seemingly

how to reconcile apparently conflicting goals


potentially conflicting values


His opinions conflicted with mine.

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