full-scale, major, serious

Their demands could lead to a serious confrontation with management.

direct, face-to-face, head-on, outright

The final confrontation on a train is classic thriller material.

bitter, bloody, heated, ugly, violent
armed, military, nuclear
climactic, dramatic

Their climactic confrontation brings the novel to a dramatic close.

physical, verbal

He hoped that a physical confrontation would not ensue.

get into, have
lead to, provoke
bring sb into

His actions brought him into direct confrontation with the authorities.


He would be very foolish to risk a confrontation with Robert.


He probably will have little choice but to force a confrontation sooner or later.

arise, take place
confrontation about, confrontation over

Lewis had a confrontation about money with his stepfamily.

She had a series of heated confrontations with her parents over homework.

confrontation between

a head-on confrontation between the two governments

confrontation with

a confrontation with the police

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