The Act could have certain unintended consequences.

far-reaching, important, profound, significant

a debate with potentially significant legal consequences

adverse, bad, catastrophic, damaging, dangerous, deadly, deleterious (formal, esp. AmE), devastating, dire, disastrous, fatal, grave, harmful, negative, serious, severe, terrible, tragic, unfortunate, unpleasant

a new sonar system that could have deadly consequences for whales

The kidnappers threatened him with dire consequences if their demands were not met immediately.

There could be grave consequences for the economy.

beneficial, good, positive
main, major
direct, immediate

The practical consequences of his decision were considerable.

inevitable, necessary, unavoidable

This is a tragic yet unavoidable consequence of war.

likely, possible, potential

Freedom was denied to the vast majority, with the predictable consequence of widespread lawlessness.

unanticipated, unexpected, unforeseen

better planning to ensure that there are fewer unanticipated consequences

logical, natural
long-term, short-term
ecological, economic, emotional, environmental, financial, legal, physical, physiological, political, social

to face up to the physical consequences of ageing

They help women cope with the emotional consequences of miscarriage.


the links between dietary choices and health consequences

have, lead to

The practice had far-reaching environmental consequences.

accept, bear, face (up to), suffer, take

You must accept the full consequences of your actions.


They fear the consequences of rebellion.

assess, consider, examine, explore

Her documentary examines the consequences of laws allowing reduced sentences for drug offenders.

foresee, predict

They cannot predict the precise consequences of an increase in average temperature.

arise, ensue (esp. BrE), follow, occur, result

the important electoral consequences that will follow from this decision

the negative consequences resulting from previous alcohol and drug use

as a consequence

Hundreds of people lost their jobs as a direct consequence of the merger.

in consequence (of) (law)

The employer is liable for compensation payable in consequence of injury to one of its employees.

consequence for

This could have serious consequences for the economy.

consequence on

a gritty look at war and its consequences on human life

of (any) consequence

I'd never done anything of consequence in my life.

Scorsese's first feature film of any consequence

of little consequence, of no consequence

The majority of these losses are of little consequence.

Minor slips are of no consequence.

of great consequence, of serious consequence

Matters of justice are of great consequence.

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