1 careful thought about sth
careful, detailed, full, serious

After careful consideration, I have decided to resign.

What is needed is a full consideration of the dilemma.

adequate, due, proper, sufficient (esp. BrE)

His argument deserves further consideration.


Both options require thoughtful consideration of the costs.


The final issue was devoted to critical considerations of individual writers.

special, urgent (esp. BrE)
give sth, take sth into

We will give your proposals serious consideration.

You must take the size of the room into consideration.

deserve, merit, warrant

Several limitations of this study merit consideration.

need, require
after consideration

After due consideration, it was decided not to offer her the job.

for sb's consideration

I enclose the report for your consideration.

in consideration of (= as payment for sth) (formal), on consideration

On consideration, we have decided not to come.

under consideration

proposals under active consideration

2 thinking about other people's wishes and feelings

You have no consideration for me, nor for anyone else.

show sb, treat sb with

She showed little consideration for the beginners.

out of consideration

He did it out of consideration for his daughter.

consideration for
3 sth you think about when deciding sth
important, key, main, major

Pricing and product availability are key consideration to users.

overriding, paramount, primary, prime

Hawtrey had argued that there were two primary considerations for monetary policy.

minor, secondary

Health concerns were a secondary consideration to the reformers.


Here are a few additional considerations that may help in making the correct decision.

aesthetic, commercial, cost, economic, environmental, ethical, financial, health, legal, moral, personal, political, practical, pragmatic, safety, security, strategic, theoretical

Cost considerations are normally secondary to such issues as how effective each method will be.

based on both theoretical considerations and experimental data

The project was driven by the most pragmatic considerations.


Taxes are a major consideration when thinking about selling or buying a house.

take account of (esp. BrE), take into account

There are several important safety considerations that must be taken into account.

to be worth consideration

The new software offers some features worth consideration.

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