She had the consolation of coming second in her last race of the day.


She tends to seek consolation in food.

draw (esp. BrE), find, take

He drew little consolation from this fact.

When her mother died, she found consolation in her religious beliefs.

Although we lost the game, we took some consolation from the fact that we played well.

bring (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with)

The next game will probably offer them the consolation of winning.

consolation for
consolation to

The children were a great consolation to me at that time.

be (of) little consolation to sb, be (of) small consolation to sb, be (of) some consolation to sb

This news was of little consolation to us.

if it is any consolation (to sb)

If it's any consolation to you, the weather here is also awful.

sb's one consolation, sb's only consolation

When she lost her job, her only consolation was that she had some savings in the bank.

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