close, equal (BrE), even, tight
closely fought (esp. BrE), hard-fought
one-sided, unequal (BrE)

The contest was too one-sided to be exciting.


This contest is wide open: any of half a dozen teams could win it.


The other bidders for the contract complained that it had not been a fair contest.

exciting, good, great, real, thrilling

The contestants are eliminated one by one until the last two compete in a head-to-head contest.

global, international, local, national, regional
election, electoral, gubernatorial (AmE), leadership (esp. BrE), political, presidential, primary
beauty, popularity, song, talent
athletic (esp. AmE), sporting (esp. BrE), sports (esp. AmE)
have, hold, run

We have three major beauty contests a year.

Talent contests are held in the club.

sponsor (AmE)
compete in, enter, take part in

A third candidate has entered the contest for the Republican nomination.

lose, win
take place
during a/the contest

During the election contest newspapers are not allowed to publish public opinion polls.

in a/the contest

Both sides are predicting victory in this close contest.

out of a/the contest

Jackson has injured his knee and is now out of the contest.

contest against

He won his opening contest against Costa of Argentina.

contest between

the contest between these two great boxers

contest for

the contest for the leadership of the party

contest over

In the animal kingdom intruders usually lose contests over territories.

contest with

The New Zealanders are looking forward to future contests with South Africa.

a contest of skills (esp. AmE), a contest of strength
be no contest (= used when one side in a contest is much stronger than the other and is sure to win)
the winner of a contest
1 in a competition
bitterly, fiercely, hotly, keenly (esp. BrE)

The election was bitterly contested.

closely, tightly
2 oppose
fiercely, hotly, strongly, vigorously

His views on evolution are strongly contested by other scientists.


Defence lawyers successfully contested the case.

Contest is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑party
Contest is used with these nouns as the object: ↑allegation, ↑divorce, ↑election, ↑final, ↑seat, ↑will

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