brief, short
lengthy, long

We engaged in a long conversation.

endless, pointless

We had to listen to endless conversations about high prices and food shortages.

everyday, general, normal, ordinary
casual, idle, informal

It's not a subject that often crops up in casual conversation.

intimate, personal, private
face-to-face, one-on-one (AmE)

The two of you need to have a face-to-face conversation.

one-sided, two-way

Think of prayer as a two-way conversation.

phone, telephone
overheard, recorded, taped
civilized, polite

We sat making polite conversation and feeling rather uncomfortable.

friendly, pleasant
animated, lively
fascinating, good, intelligent, interesting, stimulating

He said that television had been the death of good conversation.

candid, honest
deep, in-depth, meaningful, proper, real, serious

There was no time for a proper conversation.


When you are struggling with an unfamiliar language, the simplest conversations can be misinterpreted.


A chance conversation led to a brilliant new career for the young student.

awkward, desultory, halting, stilted

We carried on a rather awkward conversation.

hushed, murmured, quiet, whispered
ongoing (esp. AmE)

There is an ongoing conversation in society about how we raise our children.

after-dinner, dinner

Young children become quickly bored by adult conversation.

water-cooler (AmE)

The book became an instant best-seller and topic of water-cooler conversation (= a popular subject for discussion, for example between people who work together).


I overheard snatches of a conversation between two doctors.

carry on, have, hold, make

You can't hold a private conversation there.

I tried to make conversation with the three people around the table.

begin, initiate, open, spark, start, strike up

He was waiting for her to open the conversation.

draw sb into, engage sb in

When I tried to engage him in conversation, she always interrupted.

fall into, get into

I got into conversation with one of the directors. (BrE)

I got into a conversation with Chris about UFOs. (AmE)

be deep in, be engaged in

They were deep in conversation and didn't notice the time.

continue, keep up

Cara kept up a one-sided conversation.

control, dominate
bring around, bring round (esp. BrE), steer, turn

I managed to bring the conversation around to why they were leaving.

He tried to steer the conversation away from the topic of money.

She turned the conversation to her work.

enter, join, join in
break off
conclude, end, finish

She avoided conversation with the other passengers.


I was courteous but didn't encourage conversation.

hear, listen to, overhear
record, tape

Police taped the conversation.

break into, interrupt
recall, remember

I recall a conversation in which he told me he would never leave Paris.

occur, take place

When did this conversation take place?

continue, proceed

The conversation proceeded in French.


They all relaxed and conversation flowed freely.

come around to sth, come round to sth (esp. BrE), drift, move on (to sth), switch, turn to sth, veer back to sth, veer off sth

The conversation drifted away from babies.

The conversation moved on to other things.

The conversation turned to football.

revolve around
cease, end, stop

All conversation ceased and everyone turned around.

The conversation ended when the vacuum cleaner started up.

die, die away, die down
dry up (BrE), run dry (esp. AmE)

All too soon the stilted conversation ran dry.

during conversation

In the Western world it is polite to maintain eye contact during conversation.

in conversation with

In tonight's show we hear Chris Toole in conversation with the artist Mary Withers.

conversation about

We had a long conversation about old cars.

conversation between

a conversation between Jane and her parents

conversation on

a conversation on the topic of activities for children

conversation with

I had an interesting conversation with Dick Wortley.

an attempt at conversation

She ignored all my attempts at conversation.

be in … conversation (with sb)

Don was in close conversation with the girl on his right.

a buzz of conversation, a hum of conversation

She could hear him over the buzz of conversation and laughter.

during the course of (the) conversation

During the course of conversation, it emerged that Sheila had lived in Nigeria.

keep the conversation going

Our hostess did her best to keep the conversation going.

a lull in the conversation
a topic of conversation

The main topic of conversation was the war.

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