(BrE also co-operation) noun
complete, full
better, greater, increased
global, international, local, regional

a society founded on mutual cooperation and shared prosperity

cultural, economic, military, political, social, technical
need, require
ask for, call for, demand, seek

She called for closer cooperation on drugs control.

They are seeking the cooperation of senior medical staff.

enlist, gain, get, secure

We are hoping to enlist the cooperation of women's groups.

give (sb), offer (sb)
encourage, enhance, facilitate, foster, improve, increase, promote

an attempt to promote cooperation between universities and industry

in cooperation with

The film was made in cooperation with the Board.

with sb's cooperation, without sb's cooperation

With the cooperation of the public, the police may be able to catch this man.

cooperation among

increased technical cooperation among large companies

cooperation between

political cooperation between the two groups

cooperation from

You will need some cooperation from your family.

cooperation in

We asked for their cooperation in the collection of data.

cooperation on

They offered their cooperation on the project.

cooperation with

We should like to thank you for your cooperation with us.

have the cooperation of sb

We have the full cooperation of all the departments involved.

a lack of cooperation
a need for cooperation

There is a need for greater economic cooperation.

Cooperation is used with these nouns: ↑treaty

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