1 document/work of art
accurate, faithful, good
cheap, crude, poor

It was not the original painting, but a crude copy.

carbon, exact, facsimile (esp. BrE), identical, perfect, true

The twins were carbon copies of each other.

It must be certified as a true copy of the original document.

draft, working
clean, fair
master, original, top

Take a photocopy of the master copy.

additional, duplicate, extra, further, second, spare

The copier had been set for multiple copies.

photographic, photostat, Xerox™ (esp. AmE)

Remember to make backup copies of all your disks.

hard, paper, printed

You will need to supply a hard-copy version of all files.

digital, electronic
create, make, print, run off, take

I ran off a couple of copies of the letter.

attach, enclose

I attach a copy of the report.

Please find enclosed a copy of the draft document.

email, forward, send
circulate, distribute, supply

Copies of the article were circulated to members of the committee.

get, obtain, receive

Remember to keep copies of all your correspondence.

machine (AmE)
room (AmE)
center, shop (both AmE)
copy of

I don't keep copies of my own letters.

2 book, newspaper, etc.
additional, extra, further, second, spare
only, single
back (esp. BrE), old

I have a few back copies of the newspaper.


Advance copies of the book were sent out to reviewers.

evaluation, review
complimentary, free

Free copies of the leaflet are available.

bootleg, illegal, pirate, pirated, unauthorized

pirated copies of the latest movie releases

manuscript, printed, proof
hardback, paperback
digital, electronic
bound, leather-bound, presentation

The candidate must submit two bound copies of his or her thesis.

battered, dog-eared, old, tattered, well-thumbed, worn

my battered copy of Shakespeare's plays

second-hand, used
perfect, pristine
own, personal

Charles I's personal copy of the psalter

autographed, signed
print, produce
circulate, distribute, sell
buy, order, request
have, own
autograph, sign

Author Bob Woodhouse will be signing copies of his new book.


Even with the new legislation pirate copies will circulate.

be available
copy of

my own copy of ‘Beowulf’

3 written material
good, great
ad (informal), advertising, marketing, promotional
knocking (BrE, informal)

Knocking copy (= writing that just says how bad sb/sth is) is simply lazy journalism.

edit, prepare, produce, write

those who prepare the reporters' copy for the paper


This will make great copy for the advertisement.

editor, writer (usually copywriter)

The copy deadline for the next issue is May 1.

desk (= part of a newsroom where articles are given a final edit) (AmE)
1 make a copy

illegally copied software

from, onto

Data can be copied from the computer onto disk.

copy and paste

Use the clipboard to copy and paste information from websites.

be widely copied

The product has been widely copied by other manufacturers.

2 write sth down exactly
carefully, laboriously, meticulously
exactly, faithfully, word for word
down, out

I copied down several phone numbers from the list.

They laboriously copied out manuscripts.

from, into, onto

She copied all the addresses from the website into her address book.

He copied all the details from the brochure onto a piece of paper.

3 do the same as sb else
blindly, slavishly

She slavishly copies the older girl's style.


He copied that mannerism from his brother.


She was caught copying off another student.

Copy is used with these nouns as the object: ↑CD, ↑disk, ↑DVD, ↑file, ↑model, ↑movement, ↑painting, ↑photograph, ↑program, ↑style

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