1 letters exchanged
confidential, personal, private
business, diplomatic, official
email, written
extensive, voluminous
item (BrE)

Numerous items of correspondence have been received on this subject.

pile (esp. BrE)

He was leafing through piles of correspondence.

enter into, exchange, have

It would be foolish for a doctor to enter into correspondence with a patient.

I have had correspondence with the company director on this matter.

carry on, keep up, maintain

We kept up a correspondence for many months.

address, send

Please send correspondence to ‘Money Monthly’.

answer, deal with, handle

The secretary deals with all the correspondence.

catch up on

I would spend the time reading or catching up on my correspondence.


The department intercepted the correspondence of foreign diplomats.

course, school (AmE)

I did a correspondence course in economics.

column (esp. BrE)

the correspondence columns of the ‘London Review of Books’

by correspondence, through correspondence

All our business is conducted by correspondence.

in correspondence with

I have been in correspondence with the manager of the store.

correspondence about, correspondence concerning, correspondence on, correspondence regarding, correspondence relating to

files full of confidential correspondence relating to the company's expansion plans

correspondence between

I have seen the correspondence between the company and the college.

correspondence from

The editor welcomes correspondence from readers on any subject.

correspondence with

copies of her correspondence with the composer

2 connection
direct, exact, one-to-one

The child can see the one-to-one correspondence of the buttons and buttonholes.

correspondence between

a close correspondence between theory and practice

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