1 advice
good, wise
give (sb), offer (sb), provide
accept, follow, get, listen to, take

Listen to the counsel of your elders.

prevail (esp. BrE)

In the end, wiser counsels prevailed.

counsel on

He is there to give you counsel on all matters.

a counsel of despair (= advice not to try to do sth because it is too difficult) (formal)
2 lawyer

They were denied legal counsel or the right to call witnesses.

chief, lead (AmE), senior
assistant (AmE), deputy (AmE), junior
leading (BrE)

The accused was represented by a leading counsel.

independent, outside, special (all AmE)

An independent counsel was appointed to conduct an internal investigation.

prosecuting, prosecution (both BrE)

The witness was cross-examined by the prosecuting counsel.

defence/defense, defending (BrE)

Lawyers do not usually interrupt opposing counsel during closing arguments.

King's, Queen's (in the UK)
general (esp. AmE)

She is general counsel for the American Bankers Association.

legislative (AmE)

He worked for the committee as legislative counsel on issues of crime policy.

appoint, hire (AmE), retain (esp. AmE)
consult (esp. AmE)
brief, instruct

He instructed his counsel to file bankruptcy proceedings.

represent sb
cross-examine sb, question sb
argue sth, claim sth, state sth, submit sth (esp. BrE)

His counsel argued that he had not intended to harm the women.

counsel for

the counsel for the defence/defense.

the counsel for the prosecution

She is lead counsel for the plaintiffs in the case.

Counsel is used with these nouns as the object: ↑caution, ↑patience

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