1 long flat surface
checkout (AmE), post office (BrE), shop (esp. BrE), store (AmE)

There was a line of people waiting at the checkout counter.

cosmetic (AmE), cosmetics, make-up
deli, delicatessen, meat

He works at the meat counter.

bar, lunch (AmE)

They sat on high stools at the bar counter.

check-in (AmE), reception, ticket (esp. AmE)

an airline check-in counter

bathroom (AmE), kitchen (esp. AmE), sink (AmE)

She put her bags down on the kitchen counter.

Formica™ (esp. AmE), glass, granite, marble, wooden
serve at (esp. AmE), serve behind (esp. BrE), work at (esp. AmE), work behind

Mary worked behind the counter at Bacon's for a few hours a week.

wipe, wipe down

The bartender wiped down the counter in silence.


He approached the counter and showed his ticket.

top (esp. AmE)

The kitchen had black marble counter tops.

staff (BrE)

post office counter staff

across a/the counter

He pushed the money across the counter to her.

at a/the counter, behind a/the counter

The assistant behind the counter gave a curt nod.

on a/the counter

all the goods on the counter

over the counter (often figurative)

She handed me my coffee over the counter.

This kind of medication cannot be bought over the counter (= without a prescription).

2 action used to prevent sth
counter to

an effective counter to the blandness of modern culture

Counter is used with these nouns as the object: ↑allegation, ↑argument, ↑criticism, ↑effect, ↑influence, ↑invasion, ↑menace, ↑myth, ↑perception, ↑problem, ↑propaganda, ↑threat, ↑view

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