1 area of land with its own government
beautiful, fascinating, great

this great country of ours

hot, tropical
different, foreign, overseas, strange

It's difficult to live in a foreign country when you don't speak the language.

students from overseas countries

What must it be like, to grow old in a strange country?

home, native, own

Many servicemen gave their lives for their adopted country.


The refugees do jobs that workers in the host country refuse to do.

distant, far, faraway
independent, sovereign (esp. AmE)

‘It's a free country!’ he shouted. ‘I can do what I like!’

enemy, friendly
neutral, non-aligned (esp. BrE)
war-ravaged, war-torn
African, Arab, etc.
Eastern, Western, etc.
English-speaking, francophone, etc.
EU, NATO, etc.
member, non-member

OECD member countries

developed, industrial, industrialized
developing, Third-World, underdeveloped

economically advanced countries

impoverished, low-income, poor
affluent, high-income, rich, wealthy
densely populated, populous
capitalist, communist, democratic, socialist
Catholic, Islamic, etc.
oil-exporting, oil-producing, oil-rich
govern, rule, run

The country was ruled by a brutal dictatorship.

the politicians who run the country


He accused the government of leading the country to disaster.

attack, conquer, invade, occupy
defend, protect

We must remember those who died defending their country.


I'm proud to serve my country.

liberate, save

a commander who saved his country from invasion

divide, polarize, split

The issue of the single currency has divided the country.

destabilize, destroy, devastate, ravage

Years of civil war had ravaged the country.

democratize, modernize, pacify, stabilize
flee, leave

The former president has been forced to flee the country.


new restrictions on goods entering the country


He loved his country deeply.

play for, represent

She represented her country at the Beijing Olympics.

tour, travel, visit

He plans to travel the country by motorcycle.

border sth

countries bordering the Black Sea

produce sth
export sth, import sth

The country exports around 80% of its output.

agree sth, ratify sth, sign sth

The two countries signed a basic treaty of cooperation.

compete, participate

Over 30 countries participated in the Games.

need sth

Our country needs a leader like her.

face sth, struggle (with sth), suffer (from sth)

The country is suffering from rising unemployment.

across a/the country

They drove across the country.

all over a/the country

They are holding special events all over the country.

around a/the country, round a/the country (esp. BrE)

This is just one of 33 sites around the country.

in a/the country

people who live in this country

throughout a/the country

New schools are being built throughout the country.

countries around the globe, countries around the world

We operate in ten countries around the globe.

country of (sb's) birth, country of origin

the country of his birth

He cannot be deported to his country of origin.

in this country and abroad

The play has been enjoyed by audiences in this country and abroad for many years.

a part of a country

There will be rain in many parts of the country tomorrow.

the country as a whole

The rich benefited from the reforms, not the country as a whole.

2 area of land with particular features
desert, hill, hilly, mountain, mountainous, open

The town is surrounded by miles and miles of open country.

rough, wild
farming, wine

This part of Africa is rich farming country.

hunting, walking (both esp. BrE)

superb walking country

stretch, tract

a beautiful stretch of country

Whole tracts of country, once fertile, have become arid.

3 land away from towns/cities
lane, road
area, district (both esp. BrE)
town, village (esp. BrE)
cottage, estate, home, house (esp. BrE), manor, mansion, residence (esp. BrE), retreat, seat (BrE)
inn, pub (BrE)
park (BrE)
walk (esp. BrE)
boy, girl
gentleman, squire (esp. BrE)
bumpkin, dweller, folk, people
across country

They rode across country.

in the country

She lives in the country.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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