1 law
civil, criminal

She should seek damages through the civil courts.

The case will be tried before a criminal court.

The burden of proof is lower in a civil court than at a criminal hearing.

Appeals Court, circuit, district, federal, Supreme Court, trial (all in the US)

They took their case to the Appeals Court.

Appeal Court, Crown Court, High Court, magistrates' (all in England and Wales)

They took their case to the Appeal Court.

the High Court of Justice

sheriff (in Scotland)
higher, superior

The banks may decide to appeal to a higher court.

The case was appealed to a higher court. (AmE)

highest, supreme

This is the highest court in the country.

civilian, military
bankruptcy, divorce, family

They are likely to end up in the divorce court. (BrE)

They are likely to end up in divorce court. (AmE)

traffic (AmE)
small claims
European, French, etc.
ecclesiastical, Islamic, rabbinical, sharia
moot (= where law students train to become lawyers) (AmE)
kangaroo (= an illegal court)
go to, take sb/sth to

We are prepared to go to court to get our compensation.

They took their employer to court.

come to, get to, go to

The case should not be allowed to go to court.

bring sth to

There wasn't enough evidence to bring the case to court.

settle sth out of

The dispute was settled out of court.

appear before, appear in, attend

She is too young to appear before the court.

He will appear in court tomorrow charged with the murder.


Will you please tell the court what happened on that morning?

ask, petition, urge

The company asked the court to overrule the tribunal's decision.

convince, persuade

We were trying to convince the court that the rules should be changed.

preside over

The court was presided over by Judge Owen.


Court was adjourned for the weekend.

hear sth

The court heard how the mother had beaten the 11-year-old boy.

acquit sb, clear sb

The court acquitted Reece of the murder of his wife.

convict sb, sentence sb

The court sentenced him to life in prison.

dismiss sth, overturn sth, quash sth, reject sth

The court dismissed the appeal.

The guilty verdict was quashed by the appeal court.

refuse sth

The Supreme Court refused to allow the appeal.

uphold sth

The court upheld the plaintiff's claim of unfair dismissal.

grant sth, issue sth, order sth

The court issued an injunction.

affirm sth, conclude sth, decide sth, declare sth, find sth, hold sth, reason sth, rule sth

The court held that she was entitled to receive compensation.


A higher court agreed that the trial judge had been mistaken.


The company argued there was no case to answer, but the court disagreed.

bailiff, clerk, judge, official, registrar (BrE), staff, stenographer (esp. AmE), usher (BrE)

She was appointed a high court judge in 1998.

action, case, proceedings
hearing, trial
injunction, order, summons

She tried to get a court order to prevent him from coming near her.

He received a court summons for non-payment of tax.

decision, ruling

Divorce no longer requires a court appearance.


Once a lawsuit is filed, a court date is set.


They could now face a court battle for compensation.

procedure, process
document, record

Court documents showing illegal transactions were released to the press.

building, house (usually courthouse) (esp. AmE)
at court

He should be tried at the International Court in the Hague.

He was found guilty at Swindon Crown Court.

before a/the court

The case is now before the court.

in court

Relatives of the dead girl were in court.

contempt of court

He was charged with contempt of court after shouting at a witness.

a court of appeal

The case may be heard by a court of appeal next month.

the Court of Appeal (in England and Wales)

the Court of Appeals (in the US)

court of claims (in the US), court of inquiry (BrE), a court of law

I don't think that argument would stand up in a court of law.

a ward of court (BrE), a ward of the court (AmE)

The child was made a ward of (the) court when her parents were jailed.

2 for sports
basketball, squash, tennis, etc.
clay, grass, hard

She is a good player on hard courts.

He hopes to repeat his success on the grass courts of Wimbledon.


an indoor volleyball court

off (the) court

The players are good friends off court and train together.

He was a real gentleman both on and off court and a delight to play.

on (the) court

The players have been on court for an hour.

3 kings/queens
imperial, royal

a member of the imperial court of Kyoto


Mozart quickly became well known in court circles.


Like a court jester in a medieval palace, he tried to amuse his rulers.

at (a/the) court

life at the court of Charles I

life at court

actively, aggressively (AmE), assiduously

The band has actively courted a young audience.

Court is used with these nouns as the object: ↑controversy, ↑danger, ↑disaster, ↑favour, ↑trouble, ↑vote

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