1 reporting of news/sports
considerable, extensive, massive

There's been massive television coverage of the World Cup.

around-the-clock (esp. AmE), non-stop, round-the-clock, wall-to-wall (esp. AmE)
comprehensive, full, gavel-to-gavel (= from the beginning to the end) (AmE)
detailed, in-depth
wide, widespread
international, local, national, worldwide
media, news, newspaper, press, radio, television, TV

The TV company was given a special award for its news coverage.


There's live coverage of the game on TV.

balanced, biased
favourable/favorable, negative, positive
election, sports, war, etc.
give sth, provide (sth with)

The resignation was given widespread coverage.

attract, get, have, receive

The wedding had wide press coverage.


The story dominated local news coverage.

read, watch
focus on sth

Media coverage of the march focused on the few fights that broke out.

coverage of
2 (AmE) insurance against sth ⇨ See also ↑cover
dental, health, health-care, medical, prescription, prescription-drug
offer, provide
buy, get, have, obtain, purchase
expand, extend

the possibility of expanding health-care coverage to all


People fear losing coverage if they switch employers.

coverage for

Business liability protection will provide coverage for damages in the event of a legal claim.

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