1 illegal act
appalling (esp. BrE), awful, bloody, brutal, despicable, dreadful (esp. BrE), grave, great, heinous, horrible, horrific, serious, terrible, unspeakable, vicious

one of the most horrific crimes of recent times

big, major

the biggest crime since the Great Train Robbery

lesser, minor, petty

He was charged with the lesser crime of possession.


She claimed that the real crime is that burglars and muggers usually get a light sentence.

non-violent, violent

He boasted of having carried out the perfect crime.


one of the most notorious crimes in history


After the reforms the only capital crimes were treason and murder.


She never faced trial for her many alleged crimes.


the danger of copycat crimes in the wake of the shootings


an apparently motiveless crime


Insider dealing has been called a victimless crime.

drug, drug-related, gun
sex, sexual

a hate crime against a young gay man

federal (AmE)
carry out, commit, do, perpetrate (formal)

Many crimes are never reported to the police.


a man who solves crimes using old-fashioned detective work

prosecute (AmE)

a system of justice to prosecute crimes of terrorism


Hate crimes are not punished severely enough in my opinion.


a child who has just witnessed a violent crime


He confessed his crime to his sister.

involve sth

crimes involving firearms

happen, occur

The crime occurred in broad daylight.

be punishable by sth

crimes punishable by death

crime against

crimes against humanity

a crime of passion, a crime of violence
the scene of the crime

No weapon was found at the scene of the crime.

the punishment fits the crime

The punishment should fit the crime.

2 illegal activity in general
non-violent, violent
growing, mounting, rising

a time of great poverty and rampant crime


Identity theft is the fastest growing white-collar crime in the country.

juvenile, youth
international, local
rural, urban
car, property, street
drug, drug-related, gun, knife

Gun crime is just part of an increasingly lawless society.


attempts to prevent hacking and computer crime

carry out, commit, perpetrate (formal)
combat, fight, tackle
beat, crack (informal)

Police forces will exchange ideas on cracking crime.

deter, prevent, stop
control, cut, reduce

How can we reduce knife crime in our cities?

detect, investigate

The public have a crucial role to play in detecting crime.

be driven to, turn to

He says that bored youngsters turn to crime.

double, increase, rise
figures, level, rate, statistics
control, prevention
problem, wave

the country's crime problem


a senior detective with the serious crime squad

lab (AmE, informal)

The computers were sent to a crime lab for analysis.

family (AmE), group, ring, syndicate

leading members of an organized crime syndicate

boss, lord

one of New York's biggest crime lords

drama, fiction, film (esp. BrE), movie (esp. AmE), novel, series, show (esp. AmE), story, thriller

the latest TV crime series

reporter, writer

the newspaper's crime reporter

a new short story by the popular crime writer

a crackdown on crime

a crackdown on drug-related crime

crime and disorder
crime and punishment
fear of crime

Fear of crime imprisons many elderly people in their homes.

an increase in crime
a life of crime

Unemployed young people were likely to be tempted into a life of crime.

sb's partner in crime
a victim of crime

Victims of crime may be able to obtain compensation.

NOTE: Crimes
be guilty of … , commit … 

Two key witnesses at her trial committed perjury.

accuse sb of … , charge sb with … 

He has been accused of her murder.

convict sb of … , find sb guilty of … 

She was found guilty of high treason.

acquit sb of … 

The engineer responsible for the collapse of the bridge was acquitted of manslaughter.

admit … , confess to … , deny … 

She admitted 33 assault charges.

All three men have denied assault.

plead guilty/not guilty to … 

He pleaded guilty to a charge of illegal possession of explosives.

investigate (sb for) … 

She is being investigated for suspected bribery.

be suspected for/of … 

He was the least likely to be suspected of her murder.

be/come under investigation for … 

She was the second minister to come under investigation for corruption.

be wanted for … , be wanted on charges of … 

He was wanted on charges of espionage.

solve a case/crime/murder/robbery/theft

The police and the public must work together to solve the murder.

arrest sb for … 

Jean was arrested for arson.

be tried for … , stand trial for … 

to stand trial for extortion

 … case,  … trial

The nurse's murder trial continues.

 … charge

The police agreed to drop the conspiracy charges against him.

a charge of … , a count of … 

The jury convicted her on two counts of theft.

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