acute, grave, major, serious, severe, terrible, worst

the worst economic crisis for fifty years

deepening, growing, mounting, ongoing, unfolding (esp. AmE)
impending, looming, potential

The plan could save the country from a looming energy crisis.

current, present
global, international, national
constitutional, ecological, economic, environmental, financial, fiscal, humanitarian, nuclear, political, social
budget, cash, currency, debt, liquidity

the Third-World debt crisis

energy, health, hostage, housing, immigration, oil, refugee
family, personal
moral, spiritual
be faced with, be hit by, experience, face, go through, have (informal), suffer, undergo

With competition from cheap imports, the industry is facing a serious crisis.

He's having a midlife crisis.

cause, create, lead to, precipitate, provoke, spark off, trigger
address, alleviate, deal with, defuse, ease, handle, manage, overcome, resolve, respond to, solve, tackle

Union leaders are taking immediate steps to defuse the crisis.

attempts to ease the town's housing crisis

survive, weather
avert, avoid, prevent
aggravate, exacerbate
arise, erupt, hit, occur

We are just waiting for the next crisis to arise.

deepen, unfold, worsen
be over

As soon as the crisis was over, she relaxed.


The team's dismal season has reached crisis point.

intervention, management

an expert in crisis management

during a/the crisis

Three people died during the hostage crisis.

in (a/the) crisis

The government is in crisis.

She's no good in a crisis.

crisis in

the growing crisis in education

crisis over

a crisis over pensions

a crisis of confidence

The company is suffering a severe crisis of confidence.

a crisis of faith
a crisis of conscience
at/in moments of crisis, at/in times of crisis

In times of crisis it's good to have someone you can rely on for advice.

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