1 large number of people in one place
big, bumper (BrE), capacity, enormous, good, great, huge, large, massive, packed, record, sell-out, vast

The show played to capacity crowds.

gathering, growing

The president read a declaration to a vast assembled crowd.

entire, whole
jostling, milling, surging

We pushed our way through the milling crowds of guests.

admiring, adoring, appreciative, cheering, enthusiastic, excited, expectant
angry, hostile, partisan
rush-hour (esp. BrE)
diverse, motley (esp. BrE)

the usual motley crowd of tourists, hawkers and pigeons

football, theatre/theater
home, hometown (= at a sports game) (AmE)
attract, bring, bring in, draw, gather, get, pull, pull in

Boxing is a sport that always attracts large crowds.

break up, disperse

Police were called to disperse the crowd.

address, entertain, play to, work
join, mingle with

If you want to avoid the crowds, get there early.

scan, search, watch
get lost in

She was afraid she might get lost in the crowd.

assemble, collect, gather

An expectant crowd gathered outside his house.

grow, swell

The crowd grew to over 15 000.


The crowd rushed forward.

flock, mill, throng sth, throng around sb/sth

Crowds have been flocking to the beaches in this hot weather.

crowds thronging the streets of Rio

A crowd thronged around the wounded man.

disperse, melt away, thin out

After the ambulance drove off, the crowd dispersed.

chant, cheer, erupt, roar, scream
boo, hiss, jeer
line the street

Crowds lined the streets of the city as the president's car approached.


She didn't win but she was clearly the crowd favourite/favorite.

among a/the crowd

A bewildered child was wandering among the crowd.

in a/the crowd

I saw some familiar faces in the crowd.

through a/the crowd

She fought her way through the crowd.

crowd of

a big crowd of football supporters

the back of a crowd, the front of a crowd, the middle of a crowd
2 the crowd ordinary people
be one of, follow

She's happy to follow the crowd.

stand out from

We all like to think we stand out from the crowd (= are different from other people).

a face in the crowd

To her I'm just another face in the crowd.

Crowd is used with these nouns as the object: ↑hall, ↑marketplace, ↑street

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