1 line or surface that bends
gentle, graceful, slight, smooth, soft
sharp, tight
sweeping, wide
sensual, voluptuous

the voluptuous curve of her hips

feminine curves, womanly curves
downward, upward

the natural curve of your spine

form, make

The seats were arranged to form a curve.

in a curve

The road follows the coast in a wide curve.

curve of

the curve of his neck

hug sb's curves

The evening dress hugged her curves beautifully.

2 (AmE) bend in the road
sharp, tight

The road went around in a tight curve.

come around, hug, negotiate, round

He slowed down to negotiate the curve.

around a/the curve

The car vanished around a curve.

at a/the curve

Slow down at the curves.

into a/the curve

A good motorcyclist leans into the curves.

curve in

a curve in the road

3 on a graph
normal, standard
grading (= of students' grades) (AmE)
learning (= the rate at which you learn sth new)

Start-up businesses often have a steep learning curve.

flatten out
indicate sth, show sth
grade on a curve (= to adjust scores so that they fit a normal curve) (AmE)
gently, slightly

a gently curving stream

away, down, up

The path curved down to the bay.

around, round (esp. BrE), towards/toward, etc.

The road curved away around the back of the hill.

curve into a smile

His mouth curved into a smile.

Curve is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑lip, ↑mouth, ↑road, ↑street
Curve is used with these nouns as the object: ↑spine

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